What are the new limits in Instagram?

After the next update in Instagram the chances that your account will be blocked have increased many times over. For the security of Instagram accounts, it reduced the speed of subscriptions to 60 actions in 1 hour. The network has introduced new subscription limits, so it is desirable to make no more than 300 subscriptions per day and 6,000 subscriptions per month.

So, let’s look at the most effective promotion strategies for three types of accounts:

  • Commercial account or personal account: If you have a commercial account, you should be more careful and adhere to the limits as much as possible.
  • How unique is your content? This is an important point, because if you do not have it, you should be more careful.
  • Is your account linked to facebook (if your facebook account was created a long time ago, it has a very positive effect on your account). But if not – then no problem.

Thanks to our recommendations, you can promote your accounts, receiving from 500-2500 quality subscribers for 1 month of promotion.

Recommendations on limits for unsubscribing:

  • Do not subscribe immediately after unsubscribing. Wait at least 12 hours. Otherwise there will be a temporary block for subscription.
  • Do not unsubscribe and subscribe in one day.
  • Pause for at least 4 hours between tasks, such as likes before or after subscription / unsubscribe.
  • Pause for 24 hours for specific actions (subscription / like) after reaching the daily limit. Example: You have completed 300 subscriptions, wait 24 hours, and you can complete the next 300 subscriptions.
  • Pause 3 hours before and after viewing stories.

Recommendations on limits for direct / comments

  • On the first day, we recommend making no more than 20 posts / comments
  • The second day 25 messages / comments
  • The third day 30 messages / comments
  • You can increase the total number of messages / comments by +5 every day.
  • We recommend a maximum of 60 messages / comments per day.