We launch advertising 2.5 times more effectively!

When you have cool visuals, skilled staff, but a problem with records, it means you should turn to an experienced target expert at the DALI Marketing Center.

You need to treat the target wisely, namely: how not to waste the budget, how to determine the audience, how to set up advertising so that it is effective.

Our team does it 2.5 times more efficiently than competitors, because they have years of experience and a large amount of knowledge behind them.

Today we will share with you the results of the Dental Home dentistry target in Ternopil.

Advertising was launched on Instagram for dental implants with a link to the site. This ad was viewed 27,000 times. And they clicked to go to the site – 185 times. The price per click is 0.05 cents.

One of the important points, in addition to the competent setting of advertising, is the development of an attractive banner. The designer of the DALI marketing center makes more than 20 exclusive layouts every day. What else is needed to be sure of our creativity and expertise? Rate the layouts and contact us if you’d like to receive 2 weeks’ worth of entries!


TOP-7 conclusions for 14 years of work in marketing

For 14 years of operation, the marketing center “Next” has gone through fire and water! Here are some effective tips for you:

  • Analytics first! The numbers show the results of the work done – study it.
  • Distribution of duties. Each person must perform the work assigned to him by specialization.
  • Experiment. Nothing is perfect, especially in business – test your own assumptions and find the best option for you.
Social networks in smartphone on map vector illustration
  • Keep up with others! Follow marketing trends, they change every day.
  • Don’t skimp on quality. Miser pays twice. In marketing, this rule actually works all the time.
  • Showcase the results of your work.
  • Set the bar. Don’t start working if the conditions don’t justify your work.
  • In secret – almost no one reads long posts, only shh.

We have provided you with simple yet powerful tips for being productive. Use them and remember that marketing is the engine of the 21st century! Especially in “Dali” Become our clients – and see our professionalism now!


How to conduct a draw on Instagram for a furniture showroom effectively?

Hello everyone! Today we want to share with you a new case for holding a raffle on Instagram! Perhaps you have already tried to do this, but without success? Then look at the results and contact the professionals!

So, the first thing to do is to decide on the prize, what will the winner get? It is important to know that if you set many conditions and offer a notebook as a gift, you will be doomed to failure. Offer something that you yourself would like to win – in our case, it is a high-quality coffee table.

Secondly, decide on the date of the competition and its completion. It is best to do this within 2 weeks. Of course, 1 week is not enough, and more can be too boring, or the product should be of a higher price category.

Third, the target is a mandatory trigger for holding. Of course, people who follow you will participate in the draw, but it will not have such impressive results. Choose the audience wisely, taking into account who will be interested in your gift.

Fourthly, conditions. Don’t put too many obstacles – people like when everything is quick and simple.

Fifth, layouts. Develop advertising layouts that will definitely attract attention: the photo must be of high quality and must contain pleasant words, such as “Give away” or “Become a winner”.

By following these tips, you will achieve the results you were aiming for. Here are our results:


6 characteristics of a good logo or how the experts do it

6 characteristics of a good logo or how the experts do it

  • Simplicity. A logo cannot be complex, because the power of a well-designed graphic symbol lies in its simplicity. An unconverted logo is easier to remember by the recipient. When working on a logo for your company, don’t forget to use more than four colors. Too many colors in one logo doesn’t look right. It is worth adding that the simple shape of the logo offers great possibilities when it comes to scaling it to smaller or larger sizes.
  • Symbolics. A graphic symbol that identifies your brand can’t just be pretty. Yes, aesthetics are important, but be sure to use your logo to express your brand value and philosophy. The logo is an important point in the overall communication strategy of the company.
  • Versatility. The versatility of the logo means that it can be used in a variety of ways, reproduced and printed on various media, such as: letterheads, promotional gadgets, business cards. The logo must be saved in the appropriate format – vector, applicable in polygraphy, and raster, which allows the use of the logo in a digital environment. You should also pay attention to variations of the logo, mainly achromatic and black and white, which are used, in particular, in the engraving technique.
  • Timelessness. Well adapted to the character of the company, the logo is resistant to the influence of changing trends. With the passage of time, a properly designed logo becomes more and more important and valuable. Consistently and over many years, a recognizable graphic symbol will be effectively associated in the market with this product. Note that the most popular brands on the market have been working under the same or slightly updated logo for years. Therefore, when considering a graphic sign that characterizes your brand, answer the question: will my logo be popular in the market in 10 years?
  • Clarity of the message. Your company logo must be clear to your potential customer. You must ensure that the message of the graphic symbol is adapted to the character of your brand. Avoid elements that are only plain ornaments. The simpler the better.
  • Memorization. Probably, each of us associates the sign of a bitten apple or three stripes? Your brand logo should be easy to remember. The above-mentioned simplicity of the sign is a great tool that will be remembered by potential customers. If your company is dynamic, choose a logo with a sharper cut. On the other hand, if you’re in a soft industry, focus on soft graphics.

Contact the DALI Marketing Center, where they will create an exclusive logo for you that will meet all the above tips!


What should be a business card to attract customers?

Although we, entrepreneurs, talk more and more about image, we still often receive a “card” with a million pieces of information instead of a business card. A good business card is a great way to create a positive image. And very typically during the first contact. Business cards can be representative and for daily distribution.

Today we will convince you of the power of business cards, possibilities, mistakes, and content.


Creating a brand style for the Instagram page of nutritionist Ludmila Palamarchuk @_dietolog_ternopil

The visual perception of your page or profile is the main thing and the first thing that subscribers look at. It is at first glance that they draw a conclusion about the profile as a whole. Therefore, the style, pictures, angles and text need to be well thought out, and then posted.

A visually stylish profile attracts world groups and publics from aesthetics and visuals – they repost themselves and hundreds and millions of people see your photo. Trendy photos scatter on the social network instantly.

We have prepared for you a sample of the work of our designer. The client’s desire was to create a beautiful page visual to attract a larger audience of faces and increase the page rank. Mission accomplished! Scroll through the “before” and “after” photos. Do you see a difference? After the high-quality design of the page, the number of customers has grown, as now the overall look is more prestigious and interesting.

Everyone can follow fashion trends on Instagram, because it is not so difficult, but not everyone can make their own quality product, adhering to all the rules. To get unique content that other bloggers will watch, read and post, you need to learn and develop your own sense of style.

Keep track of popular filters and other processing programs.
Try to make your posts have less pretense and falsehood, but more sincerity and life.
The Instagram visual is your calling card that characterizes your world.

If you are still unable to design the visual page of the site on your own, then you can contact the DALI marketing center, where they will prepare a special layout that meets all the requirements of popularity. The specialists of our company will not only make the general visual of the page, but will also help in its promotion and brand development.


TOP 5 tips for using social networks

Make an action plan and stick to it

It is well known that the strategy of social media is critical to their effective use. This strategy will allow you to focus on what’s important to your business, the audience you want to reach, and the type of message you want to be associated with. It’s also a good idea to develop a social media content calendar as it allows you to plan your content ahead of time for some particularly important events or circumstances that you might want to take advantage of.

Study your audience

Thanks to social media research tools, you will better understand the interests and behavior of your target audience, as well as their connections in social networks. Then you can use the information you get from these tools to create more effective social media content.

Choose the platform that’s right for you

There are many social networks and each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. Everything depends on your expectations. It may be more efficient for your organization or business to focus on one or two of these platforms as it can take a long time to update your profile on all of them regularly. Consider which sites are popular with your target audience and which offer features that best suit your needs.

Work on engagement tactics

The ability to engage your audience effectively cannot be overemphasized, which will also help you target your content. Some topics attract attention more easily than others, and certain types of media are more popular in publications. A sense of humor (if the jokes are appropriate) can be effective, as can questions to encourage visitors to your profile to comment on a topic. Conducting interviews helps build a sense of community around the activities of a company or organization.

Customize your content

It can be tempting to post the same content on multiple social platforms, especially since you can do it automatically on Facebook and Twitter: all you have to do is link your accounts. However, keep in mind that by creating specific content for the needs of individual platforms, you will maximize your reach and increase the engagement of people following your website. Twitter is great for asking questions and posting calls to action, while Facebook is great for videos and contests. Photos and visuals should be posted on Instagram, and LinkedIn is a great place for longer posts and discussion groups. There are many other aspects of social media that we haven’t covered on our list, but we hope the five tips above provide a good starting point. Social media has amazing communication potential: take advantage of what they have to offer!


Promotion and management of social networks of the ICE-ELITE climate studio

Any brand that promotes its goods and services on the Internet will agree with us that their popularity increases significantly with proper promotion in social networks.

At the beginning of summer, we were approached by the ICE ELITE climate studio. The client’s desire: to design the profile beautifully so that it is interesting and useful, conducting interactive stories, writing relevant texts and attracting new clients.

Here’s what we did: exclusive visuals, highlights, stories were developed; well-designed profile header and development of a content plan of texts according to the season. Every day, our marketers come up with new ideas for connecting with customers, creating interactives.

The result: recordings for 3 weeks ahead, a new audience and enthusiasm from fellow competitors.


What can motivate your customer to make a purchase?

Right! These are well-chosen triggers!

Literally translated – this word means trigger. In marketing, the trigger refers to the reason that motivates the customer to make purchases and other conversion actions. It affects a person’s emotions and pushes for profitable decisions for a businessman.

We have made a selection of 5 effective triggers that have shown high conversion results in practice! So, let’s go!

  • Hope. Remember that people need to believe that the product is good and the service is effective. Sell ​​the result, not the product.
  • The desire to save. Who does not like to save? And how nice it is to understand that you will have a discount or a particularly nice bonus. Take advantage of this!
  • Trust. Of course, you do not want to give your hard-earned money to anyone. That’s why consumers always analyze you. You have to be famous and definitely have a good reputation. Visit the red carpet, give interviews and take part in charity events for greater recognition in the market.
  • Dignity. Make the customer feel that he is the owner of your product. In promotional materials, describe the emotions and feelings he will feel while holding or using the product. Let him hold the product, that is, conduct a test drive, tasting.
  • Authority. Demonstrate to the client your professionalism, experience and authority, tell about your reputation in the market. Remember! People buy from those they respect and trust. Also, be sure to use these triggers on social media. If you can’t do it yourself, then contact the marketing center “DALI” and our specialists will help make customers want to make a purchase in your store!

How not to respond to customers in Direct?

Want to know what happens when you use marketing wisely to promote your business?

You wake up in the morning, pick up the phone and see a lot of questions about the product / service and high customer interest.

And it seems that the main task has been done, but the interest and assets are good, and a quality sale is the main thing! Rejoicing in advance, companies make global mistakes and, as a result, doomed to failure.

Let’s now analyze one situation on the example of a nail salon.

In most beauty salons, administrators are responsible for the consultation – these are the people who know the price, promotional services and current offers.

The Direct has repeatedly received questions: “What is the price of a manicure?” Answer: “450 UAH” – and it’s just a COMPLETE FAILURE. Although, apparently, “Our price is on the site” – takes first place in the anti-response.

Then ask yourself, “I really want to visit a place where everyone cares about you.” – Of course not.

Here are some tips on how to respond to customers:

  • Specify which manicure the client wants (with or without extensions, etc.)
  • Anticipate the wishes of the customer. Especially since it is not as difficult to do it on social networks as it seems at first glance. Go to the page, view the profile. Now you can roughly figure out what the girl’s taste is and what design she will choose. In addition, do not forget to emphasize your strengths, for example: “Our masters undergo a month-long internship before starting to work with people.”
  • Say the price. It’s great when there is a choice for the client. That is, he can choose an art master, master or top master depending on the budget.
  • Ask the obligatory questions: “Which design do you choose?” By following this structure, you will show the person that you are interested in their request and would like to help. So, sell more – with the same advertising budgets.

Now you know how not to respond to customers in Direct, and in order to have someone to answer – contact the marketing center “DALI”. After all, thanks to the quality work of our marketers, the number of order indicators is growing many times over.


Google Advertising of ENT clinic in Ternopil

The main goal for us was to get as many requests from potential customers by phone or sending forms.

Spent on advertising: UAH 2,455.88.

The results obtained:

phone clicks (calls): 45
sent forms: 11
Total number of received requests from potential clients: 56

The average cost of one received request from a potential client: UAH 43.86.

To achieve this goal, we have used the following types of advertising campaigns in Google Ads:

  • Search advertising campaigns
  • Smart Campaigns

We chose search engines because they can give you the most conversions compared to other Google Ads tools. The ads appear in Google search and direct the potential customer to a specific page of the site depending on the search query he enters, which helps the site visitor to make faster decisions without making additional efforts to find the right site.

We chose smart as an additional complementary tool. Her ads appear on Google search, Google Maps, YouTube, Gmail, and Google’s partner sites, and direct potential customers to the site’s homepage. The big advantage of this type of advertising campaign is that its ads can be displayed simultaneously with the ads of the search campaign on one search page, which significantly increases the chances of being selected by a potential customer. Also, its ads allow you to make calls without going to the site and show the address of the company in the ad itself.


Online store for “Your season”

Website with individual design on the “engine” Opencart.
Great solution for placing an unlimited number of products.

  • Convenient interface and site navigation, quick start, adaptive layout – your online store will be perfectly displayed on any device, from a compact smartphone to a huge computer monitor.
  • Security with SSL support and SEO orientation.

Added buttons: product catalog, about us, useful information, wholesale, dropshipping. For the convenience of each customer – a cart and the ability to view the product in two languages: Ukrainian and Russian.

The creation of a business site on a modular system includes:

  • Mobile and tablet version of the site.
  • SEO copywriting for 2000 characters.
  • Photo processing and compression.
  • Adaptation to corporate identity.
  • Photo gallery from Lightbox.
  • Feedback form by mail.
  • Google Interactive Map.
  • It is possible to “embed” the video in the Youtube site.

How to competently conduct a live broadcast?

Today, live broadcasting is an integral part of any brand’s strategy. Even if you used to ignore the opportunity to communicate online with your own customers, now is the time to do so!

So, let’s understand how to properly prepare for the broadcast.

  • The topic of conversation. This is something that should be considered in the first place. Think about what you can interest the audience?
  • Announcement. This is important for more people to attend.
  • Collect current questions. The day before, ask subscribers to write questions that interest them through a special sticker in the stories.
  • Prepare a surprise. It can be a one-time promotion or a gift for the most active
  • Determine the timing. We do not recommend airing less than 30 and more than 60 minutes. It is during this period (optimally – 40-50 minutes) that your air will be covered to a new audience, which means that you have a chance not only to temporarily raise the asset, but also to increase the number of subscribers in general.
  • Right to speak. Allow everyone to express their opinion – it is important for people to be heard and respected.
  • Dynamics of the process. Be sure to write theses in the drafts so that you can speak clearly and non-stop later.
  • Save video. For people who have not been able to watch online, but will gladly do it later – it is very tolerant.

That’s all! Now you know the important rules and by following them, you will definitely become a master at communicating with a large number of people online.

In addition to competent live broadcasts, it is important to remember that quality page management plays an important role. The professionals in this field are undoubtedly the team of the marketing center “DALI”. If you want your brand to become more popular, contact us!


Body Beauty Correction Brand Update

In the spring we were approached by a very interesting client. Namely – a person who creates a perfect figure while you lie on the couch. Sounds tempting, doesn’t it?

Given how popular the company’s services are in the spring, the specialists of the DALI marketing center started working at the speed of sound.

Customer desires: beige shades, modernity, aesthetics, customer engagement and popularity.

We made a complete upgrade of the brand: we created a new logo, banner, highlights, updated the price and created the same “selling” visual that Tatiana wanted so much!

In tandem with well-tuned advertising, the company receives entries for the next 2 weeks!

View the results of your work and see for yourself our professionalism now!

The promotion of social networks includes:

· Development of page design in social networks.

· Creating a content plan.

· Writing unique posts according to the content plan.

· Development and publication of stories daily.

· Responses to comments and messages


Is billboard profitable for you?

Billboards are traditional, popular and, most importantly, one of the most effective types of outdoor advertising. Their effectiveness lies in the correct location, constant display and attractive message. Large, well-lit banners on buildings or specialized structures in high-traffic areas are a proven recipe for your success.


5 ways to increase Instagram reach

Everyone knows that you need to invest a lot of time and other resources to increase your account reach. That is why we have prepared for you the TOP 5 tips to help you make the page famous:

  • Experiment and always try something new. Be active and then people will follow you more.
  • Make contact with your audience. Make interactive stories, raffles, and promotions. Proper communication is our everything!
  • Encourage the creation of user content

According to Crowdtap, readers’ content with examples of their own experience is more than 55% positive and 40% better perceived.

  • Be on the tape every day. Publish stories and posts regularly. Properly configure your content plan and then everything will be much easier.
  • Don’t ignore the target. Remember, there are few efforts and in the situation with social networks without advertising is definitely not enough.

Work on the brand of every harvest and do not be afraid to realize your dreams!

😉 If you do not have the strength and time to do coverage on your own, then contact us and we will be happy and professional to help make your brand popular!


Site update for Delight floor lamp workshop

The work was performed for our regular customer Delight Product. The brand has a wide range of exclusive floor lamps, but the owner was interested in demand. We all know that about 65% of orders come from Google, and there was no stylish and high-quality site in the workshop.

Tasks for the specialists of the marketing center “DALI”: updating the design and creating comfort for the buyer. The work took a long time, but now you can follow the link and view our work:

Now the site looks the way the customer wanted – expensive and elegant, and most importantly – convenient for the buyer! The sale is carried out both in Ukraine and abroad, except in Russia.

The creation of a business site on a modular system includes:

Mobile and tablet version of the site.
SEO copywriting for 2000 characters.
Photo processing and compression.
Adaptation to corporate identity.
Photo gallery from Lightbox.
Feedback form by mail.
Google Interactive Map.
It is possible to “embed” the video in the Youtube site.


How can business support the Ukrainian army?

It took only a few days for the whole world to see what Ukraine is. We taught everyone a lesson on how to build relationships during a war.

Many underestimated the Ukrainian people, but let’s do a little analysis:

  • From the first day of the war on March 24, 22, the president became the voice of the Ukrainian people. He declared martial law and took a clear position. Of course, people were shocked, no one knew what to prepare for.
  • The following days of the war were adaptive. Everyone understood that Russia had one goal in mind: our extermination. Communities have been organized like never before. Everyone helps – women, children, retirees. Men without thoughts went to defend the state.
  • The authorities have become a great support and reassurance. It remains to be seen how Ukraine’s leadership is negotiating. Thanks to this, the whole world helps us! The optimism of the head of the Mykolayiv Regional Council Vitaliy Kim, representatives of the President’s Office – Oleksiy Arestovych and Mykhailo Podoliak gives people confidence and good sense.
  • The military leadership of the Security Service of Ukraine, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and the National Guard have built an unshakable and effective communication strategy.
  • From the first days, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has been regularly informing Ukrainians about the loss of the enemy and prisoners.
  • The students also staged an information war: they created whole campaigns aimed at informing the whole world about Ukrainian realities. In addition, young people help search for the missing, organize volunteer groups and provide shelter for refugees.
  • Businesses that are not in the hotspots of hostilities continue to work with the slogan: “Let’s raise the country’s economy together!”, Providing free assistance to people in need.

DALI Marketing Center also offers free services and business support.

During martial law and subject to cooperation from 1 month:

  • Instagram visual
  • Google ads settings
  • setting up social media pages and targeting
  • SEO analysis
  • expert consultations

We sincerely believe that all this will end soon, because we are a strong nation that knows the taste of independence and will never lose it.

The past will never defeat the future!


Creating a site for the construction company “Region” from Poland

The company contacted us to create a site for image purposes, as well as to attract new customers.

Our team divided the whole process into several parts:
▪analysis of competitors,
▪ site design,
▪Frontend- and backend-development,
▪ layout,
▪ site content,
▪internal and external SEO-optimization.

The project turned out bright, but at the same time restrained.


They are watching us!

By all means, the Ukrainian authorities are urging Ukrainians to limit, or better yet, remove all Russian applications from their own gadget. Remember, all your messages, audio and video recordings can be used against you – the enemy is watching!

As for e-mail accounts, we also recommend changing them to foreign or Ukrainian domains.

Applications such as Yandex, Kasperskiy,, VK, Rambler, Odnoklassniki and so on, perfectly help the aggressor in informative messages. If you think that you have a rather complicated password and no one finds out what ammunition was brought to your area, you are deeply mistaken.

The enemy can also send fake emails with a trap to your inbox – opening it will hit your phone with Russian hackers.

We call on all citizens:

Do not open suspicious emails or follow unverified links
Do not respond to strangers, even if the message is provocative
Do not fill out any officially unconfirmed forms.
And remember, lies will never defeat reason and truth.