How to increase sales through the satisfaction of people needs?

People by nature primarily seek to meet the most important needs. As soon as they manage to satisfy a certain important need, they immediately ceases to be a driving motive for them. In parallel, there is an incentive to satisfy your next desire.
Every product that is interesting to the buyer is of great importance in terms of its function. For example, cosmetics – an opportunity to emphasize your own beauty. But how to stay in the top when the competition in the market is high enough?

Here are some criteria that will emphasize the benefits of your product:

  1. Physical (shape, strength and technical parameters play almost the most important role in human desire, as most want to meet their needs with comfort and quality)
  2. Aesthetic (brand, packaging – for each consumer plays the role of style of purchase)
  3. Symbolic (status and prestige are also equally important factors to meet customer needs)

In addition to goods, the means of meeting demand is service. It usually does not carry material values, on the contrary. Services are considered to be polite to customers. As an option to offer after-sales service. So the person will understand that YOU will help to satisfy his needs to the full.

The company must monitor and improve the level of customer satisfaction. The higher it is, the greater and more stable the demand for its products. Here are the facts that support this position:

  • The cost of attracting new customers is 5-10 times higher than the cost of satisfying and retaining existing customers.
  • The average company loses ten to twenty percent of its customers a year.