Telephone marketing

Probably each of us at least once in his life will face or have encountered telephone marketing. Simply put, telephone marketing is one of the fastest and most effective ways to significantly increase the company’s sales services. In this article we will look at the pros and cons of “telephone marketing” and whether it is really as effective as it is said.

The first thing I want to say is about the pros of cold calls, but remember the pros if the case is taken by professionals. immediately and the result.

And this is a pretty good indicator for business.

What do you need for successful telephone marketing?

Here are some rules:

  1. Promptness in the calls of a large number of people. The manager who undertook this work must clearly understand how to properly advertise and motivate people to action.

2. Clearly thought-out description of the commercial offer to the client. It may resonate with the first point, this is a more detailed strategy.

3. The content of the message must form the value of the purchase of this product or service

4.Development of a detailed plan in case of refusal of the client or unwillingness to speak

If we talk about the disadvantages of cold calling, it is primarily the mistakes of employers, hiring a person who is not ready to teach and work for the result, believe me it is very important.

5. Never offer your company as a supplier “as a last resort”. You need to convince the customer that your company is the best. Experience shows that no one ever seeks the help of suppliers left “as a last resort”.

6. Don’t give too much information over the phone. Remember your main goal. If you want to receive an order and you are asked a question, you can not answer it. And if your goal is to make an appointment, it is better to use the situation to your advantage. Try to convince the client that his issue is resolved, and your representative will be able to explain it all in person.

7. Always be resolute and confident in your words, then the people you call will not doubt their truth and need

8. Working in telephone marketing, you cannot miss a day. By skipping one day a week, you will be so far behind that it will not make sense to even try to make up for lost time. Never stop calling new people – this is the only way to acquire new customers.

Also, people in some cases overestimate “phone marketing”, mostly people buy at will, good recommendations or well-tuned advertising. In cold calls, the focus should be on all the items listed above, then you will definitely expect a good result.

There ore, in any case, work for the result and start from your belief why to give more preference.