Collaboration with bloggers and influencers in sales

Do you have your own business – quality product and courteous staff, and no sales?

Then you definitely need advertising. This can be targeting or advertising to a blogger. Today’s thought leaders lead the people. So, let’s look at the pros and cons of working with influencers:


the level of trust increases significantly. Fans of popular people love and trust the words of the stars.
the number of subscribers is increasing. In order to switch to you, you need people, you need to advertise the right influencer.

  1. you waste a lot of time looking for the perfect partner, CA which will match the requests for your product and subscribers will be uncluttered 2. it is difficult to predict the outcome of this advertising, as it all depends on the chosen person

So, how to set up sales through influencers :

  1. Analyze: audience, place of residence, age, preferences, content – it’s all 1: 1 should match your CA
  2. Reader activity: first and foremost, it should be real people, not bots who are really interested in the content of the page
  3. Influencer account format. Adherence or not to certain principles and rules, the form of submission of material – it should impress you
  4. Experience in advertising. Follow a blogger for a while, review his ad for others, how good it is, and whether it works

We figured this out, so where to look for this ideal blogger for advertising?

  1. Independently. You probably already have a TOP list of people you like to follow. To expand this circle, go to the profile and click on the arrow next to the “Follow” button and it will give you a number of other people you need.
  2. In other companies. We all monitor competitors from time to time and rightly so. See what kind of advertising they use, how effective it is and draw conclusions.
  3. Using the service This is a convenient platform for finding popular Ukrainian bloggers. You can easily filter the list for your needs.

Experiment, don’t be afraid to ask and keep up with the world, then you will definitely be doomed to success!