What to do in business during the war?

Spring 2022. Ukraine is still at war. The main thing that we understood in fact immediately after the imposition of martial law is that Ukraine will win. This can be confirmed by how flexible we can be in difficult times, how much we can organize ourselves, solve urgent problems quickly. Let’s talk about how to be a business in a military situation:
Don’t try to solve all the problems you have. Try to decide the key – do what you will be effective.
Put your thoughts and actions in order.
Stop worrying about everything around you. Rest assured of our victory!
Keep in touch with family, friends, colleagues and clients.
Make quick decisions. Look for new opportunities with the help of: foreign partners, government procurement, relocation, joint ideas with employees.
Resuscitate the Ukrainian economy. To do this, you need to remember three steps:
Resumption of business activity, anti-crisis measures
Assistance in restarting the business
Economic recovery, including liberated areas
Modernizing the Economy (or the Marshall Plan 2)

Let’s look at the state of the business at the moment. Over the past 10 days, 47% of companies remained shut down, 26% – reduced production. 14% -increased production.
Employee statistics:
21% were fired
38% – on vacation
38% – on a reduced salary
Regarding business relocation, about 60% of enterprises find opportunities to restart business in a quieter area in Ukraine.
Here are the strategic decisions that the business is already implementing:
27% – activity freezing
10% – public procurement
54.5% – adjusted to current needs
22.5% merged with other companies
32.9% – search for other export opportunities
37.1% – launch of new products
Dali Marketing Center continues its work and helps to raise the country’s economy. At the initiative of Gontar Ivan, we created socially-oriented billboards and city lights. Thanks to patriotic shields, the national consciousness of Ukrainians is rising. And of course, this is our way of thanking everyone who risks their lives, sacrifices their health for the defense of the country.