A complete incarnation for a beauty salon

UPGRACE beauty studio turned to the Dali marketing center with the desire to attract more audiences through social networks.

Specialists came up with creative – the designer created stylish visuals, copywriter wrote lyrics that undoubtedly pushed the girls to write, because “everything is in our hands – so they must be in perfect order”, proper targeting and regular interactions did their job.

All employees of the brand have always had a job, moreover, no one was left without positive feedback – neither the client’s company nor our marketing center – everyone is satisfied!

Flip through the results of work and call +380 67 35 40 211 or leave a request on the site for cooperation!

What we offer:
– Development of page design in social networks.
– Creating a content plan.
– Writing unique posts according to the content plan.
– Development and publication of stories daily.
– Replies to comments and messages