How to promote your brand in Pinterest?

In today’s world, Pinterest is one of the most important services on the Internet.
This website allows its users to view photos on specific topics online and share them with their friends on social media.
Pinterest – provides an opportunity to bring together a huge number of people to share ideas and find inspiration. Today Pinterest is one of the most famous international services. The number of users of this site is constantly growing.
Foams are so-called buttons – images that you enjoy on Pinterest, but Boards are molded foams in one collection.
Less than 25% of all pins posted on Pinteres are photos of people. And one of the most famous profiles has more than 13.8 million readers!
Let’s look at the factors that influence such popularity and international success of Pinterest? Experts have identified the most important principles:
The general look of the site, which is achieved through a bright visualization. Here it is convenient to view photo collections. There is almost no text content, so the visitor concentrates on a specific type of media and his attention is not distracted.
A beautiful image is more likely to attract the user’s attention than a pile of text.
Ability to collect something on the World Wide Web. It is much more comfortable and faster to do it on the Internet than in real life.

Development forecasts
Many experts claim that Pinterest plays a significant role in promoting online business, creating a so-called harmony between fashion tracking and shopping itself. Active Pinterest readers spend a lot of money on clothes and shoes, compared to Facebook readers.
This indicates a high advertising potential. It is speculated that in the near future, well-known brands will prefer the Pinterest network and use it as a site to promote products. Experienced consumers will use this site to select and purchase different product groups. It is likely that Pinterest will prepare a unique product in the future that will allow online commerce.
Pinterest is used all over the world
The Pinterest social network has become a powerful tool for advertising, sales or purchases. It is used by well-known brands and brands from around the world to promote their product. Among them are online clothing stores, travel agencies, publishing houses.
Various promotions and offers are used on the principle of “publish (unlock) a picture to unlock (win) something”. For example, the closed sales site Gilt offered for 50 repin images to get a link to a page where you could buy a dress at a huge discount. And the Lands’End clothing store was raffling off certificates among Pinterest users. To do this, you had to create a collection of photos of things you liked in the new season.
The social network Pinterest has increased the number of Internet users’ visits to the sites of many popular women’s fashion magazines, such as Marie Claire, People, Us Weekly and others. Facebook can’t boast of so many conversions.

The main rule of Pinterest is to promote the right way of life, changing people’s opinions in a positive way, and not just publish nice photos.
To gain worldwide fame, you need to know and follow the key rules of the social network:
When posting on the foam board, you can add photos of other users, but do not forget that they were no more than 50% of the total. Don’t fool people and don’t pretend to be someone else’s work: add a real link to the user’s page to each borrowed picture.
Use holiday boards and foams.
Don’t forget to sign the photo competently and interestingly, the text should be short and meaningful – this will allow readers to pick up your mood and spread the pin.
Be careful not to be bothered by others, be careful with the number of posts per day.
Rate the foams you like!
Never upload prohibited photos. Most likely, your page will simply be blocked. It is best to teach what will bring people joy.
Never force people to be your subscribers. Do it casually, and even better – learn to be interested, then there will be a lot of likes and shares.