How to deal with advertising and spam in VIBER?

Viber is an application for calls, correspondence and communication. The program, according to its creators, is safe and can be installed by anyone. Here you can communicate tete-a-tete, and if desired, actually create a group with friends, acquaintances or colleagues. However, the developers have left a few holes in it, which do not protect us from annoying advertising or spam.

So, let’s understand how to get rid of spam in Viber?

When you transfer an annoying number from the phone to the black list, the caller can no longer call or write to you. So, if you do not want to receive any advertising, just send unfamiliar numbers to the ban. But how to do it?

We have prepared several options for you to restrict spam access:

  1. If you have a new chat in the program, then with it pops up on the screen and two buttons: “Block” and “Add” As an option, you can take a screenshot of the message and write to technical support.
  2. When your friend has been persistently sending spam, you need to go to the contact menu and click on the three dots in the upper right corner. There is a “Lock” button.
  3. You can still ban the number manually. To do this, go to settings> settings> privacy> blocked list. Click on the plus at the top and enter the number manually or select from the contact list. What if a contact you don’t like is in the same chat or group? There is a way out! It is also easy to fix. You need to go to a certain group, move the screen window to the left. A list of all group members appears. Choose the right nickname and send it to the “ban”. In addition, you can always send a violation report to support. To do this, in the upper right corner, click on the three menu items, select the “complain” section, then again on the message and “complaint”. He will not know that a specific subscriber is blocked. And when sending subsequent messages, he will not understand this either, because his messages will come from him, but you will neither receive nor see them. You will also not be able to write or call the person on your blacklist. A blocked contact will continue to be able to view your profile and status. An obsessive friend will save the entire history of messages and calls. Interesting! But if the user you have blocked adds your number to the group chat, you will see it. However, you already know how to deal with it!