Why you should spend time on infographics?

In the 21st century, things like infographics are one of the most powerful tools for marketers. Why? Because it serves as a way to quickly and accurately transfer data using graphics tools. Informative graphics help to organize a huge amount of statistics, showing the relationship of facts or objects and phenomena in space and time, in particular to show trends.
Thanks to such pictures, you can spread a variety of ideas on the Internet, attracting even more subscribers. This is due to the positive perception of information through images. For example:
The website, which will be full of bright infographics, increases the number of views by more than 90%.
Thanks to visual cues, the brain analyzes information better and because of this the text seems simpler and more attractive. Now it is clear to everyone why there are so many pictures in children’s development manuals.
A person sees any graphic faster than text. This is because information is made up of everyday objects and images, so it is easy to perceive and remember well.
Visual content on networks is distributed more often than textual content. The eyes like to look at something beautiful more than at a set of letters that still need to be thought about for a long time.

Today, such a lifehack as infographics is actively used by almost all areas of activity. Information for visualization can be presented under a “different sauce” of cartoons, drawings, diagrams, emblems, illustrations, diagrams. Thus, any image is suitable if it fulfills certain goals. Most often, infographics act as a supplement to the text, which contains the main array of information transmitted.
The serving style may be different. It all depends on what mood the company wants to convey to its customers. Performing the main task, namely informing, the call to analyze, infographics has its own rules of construction, because of this, not all images can be called infographics.
Infographics should include graphic objects that will be closely linked to the information provided. Focus on the fact that the publication should be not only useful, but also bright. Here are some tips from progressive designers of the marketing center “Dali”
Attractive appearance and simple presentation of the text
Unique and bright design
Accounting for the target audience.
The use of colors with a psychological approach: influencing one or another color on people’s emotions
Use of high-quality diagrams, “conversational” numbers and interesting facts.
Simplification and visualization.
Determining the scale of infographics and analysis of the method of distribution.
Using timelines, creating history.
Demonstration of authority and reliability of sources.
Accounting for the wishes and requirements of the customer.
Conceptuality and the presence of the ultimate goal