What is Google Ads?

Main advantages
To successfully use this method, advertisers must make an effort. You need to develop informative, attractive text that will make you not only click, but also learn more about your product or perhaps service. The Google Ads tool opens up great possibilities. You can create and place ads not necessarily on Google, but also on various sites of the Google advertising network. The number of visits has an impact on the site’s rating.

Google Ads is a huge advertising platform. It has everything to not only attract the attention of potential buyers, but also to stimulate them to order. It has thousands of partner sites, so you can be sure that your ad will be seen and read by a wide audience. This is a large number of thematic portals and corresponding forums with hundreds of visitors every day.

What is the cost?
So how much do you need to spend on it? Contextual PPC advertising is inexpensive. Its price depends on:

placement topics. Here the cost is different, depending on the popularity.

Keyword selection. They are different and both are used.

Advertising placement. You will have to pay more for first place, guaranteed or dynamic impressions;

A display ad can be shown only during the day or only at night, which is usually 24/7;

Geolocation settings. Contextual advertising in the area is cheap compared to other ads.

To increase sales, they develop an advertising campaign. This is necessary for the development of your business. You need to know that not everyone who comes to your site will actually make an order. But there is a chance that it will come back sometime again, as soon as the visitor needs it.