How to write the best article? TOP-10 tips from a copywriter

People spend an average of 37 seconds on an article. Don’t let them go until they read the most important thing

  1. Apply the “inverted pyramid” principle. The most important thing is at the beginning, not at the end.
  2. A good headline is 90% of success. If you didn’t get the reader interested in the first 8 seconds, then credit trust is lost. The title should have an informative and advertising function.
  1. Make the text attractive for search engines (SEO). The search engine will find the text or page by keywords:
  • In the page title
  • Title
  • Descriptions
  • Domain name

A good tip is to write the text and then place the keywords.

  1. The main attention should be focused on the target audience (potential clients).
  2. Write concisely, succinctly and in plain language. Remember the famous phrase “time-money”. If you are selling online, you need to get the reader interested in a short period of time.
  1. Analyze and track consumer behavior. Specify how much time visitors spend on site.
  1. Create valuable content that is relevant today.
  2. Update pages, headings, subheadings. Search engines are constantly updated and are improving, so your pages should be adapted.
  1. Check the ease of access and the ability to share your information.
  2. A call to action is an article element that prompts the visitor to take a specific conversion action. It can be a text link or other element that encourages clicking on itself with the goal subscriptions, newsletters, communication or to learn about a product or service.

Valuable and relevant content is not only texts and diagrams, it is also a high-quality video that becomes very popular in the modern world.

Be modern and progressive!