Sales channels and why are they for you? All this and more in the next article!

So imagine that you have a small bakery selling bread according to your grandmother’s recipe.

The bread is simply unsurpassed and every customer of your bakery is delighted with this pastry. And you, in turn, understand that he needs quality promotion and go to the marketer with a request to advertise the bakery. Do not need! No need to advertise the bakery. You need to promote the product itself, because people first of all buy bread, and only then it comes to the bakery that sells the same bread. Only then, marketing will be quality!

Sales channels

How to advertise?

To begin, you need to come up with an idea for your advertising campaign, which is embedded in the history of your products. What is close in spirit to your customers. What makes your bread special! The idea sells much better than you!

Channels that promote the idea!

The main channel of broadcasting the idea is you know which one? The main channel for broadcasting ideas is you! Passionately share your idea with everyone around you. Also, one of the most important channels of broadcasting the idea is your employees. But unfortunately, mostly employees do not broadcast the idea that is embedded in the history of your business. Because of this, the conversion is reduced by about 20%, which is a fairly high sacrifice. Try to drive the idea of ​​a brand into the minds of your employees every day! That they soak up this and sell like real pros.

Where to get a huge number of channels?

Well, look, offline is the number of your outlets, the more – the better. Banners, flyers, boards, signs and everything else that interacts with the audience through the living world. But when people started to prefer a smartphone over the environment, a lot of advertising that used to work, unfortunately, does not work today. Therefore, sales channels have moved to Instagram, Google (site), various marketplaces and more. That’s why advertising has started to work differently and your business just needs to have at least one channel to broadcast the idea online. Whether it’s an Instagram page, a website, a YouTube channel, it’s all perfect for attracting today’s customer!

Sales channels


So, the main thing was to convey to you that when building any business, you need to put in it an idea that will be transmitted to customers through various sales channels. Only then, in an over saturated market, will you be able to be competitive, only when your product will carry an idea that will promote you!