5 marketing tips for successful business promotion in 2020! Or how to choose the right marketer?

So, many marketers are now promoting their customers online. This is due to the fact that the consumer in one way or another went online. Here are some basic tips to make your online promotion high quality and effective. And maybe understand exactly how your marketer “clogs your tanks.”

No landings

Landing is a job page that accepts customers on your site. Landings are different, but in essence they carry one. To show a person what your company is doing, the product / service that the person came to, either from an advertisement or organically found you in search, landing is necessary for every business, like water for plants. If you refuse landings, the picture of your business will look like this:

Imagine the situation, you walk along a long beautiful street, around shops with shop windows and here, you notice the dream shoes that you have been looking for so long, you go to the store, and instead of shoes they sell kitchen faucets. Maybe you need them too, but you went for shoes. Therefore, landing is the basis of your online promotion.

Marketing tips

Misunderstanding the role of ROI in marketing.

If your marketer explains the targeted use of the budget by the number of likes, reposts, site visits or any other similar nonsense, it is unlikely that he understands what profitable marketing is. These data have almost nothing to do with profits! ROI is primarily measured by the number of conversions to real buyers. It doesn’t matter how many people liked the post, if none of them bought anything in the end. Content used in advertising companies, despite bringing useful information to the client, must also sell! Therefore, a professional always reports to the client on sales, conversions and the number of successful leads.

Does not communicate with sales or customers

Communication with your client is simply necessary for quality promotion on the Internet! What interests the consumer, why he is interested in it, where exactly he is interested in it and in between all this is interesting, should you be, why exactly are you interested in it? This is a key issue in the diligent work of a marketer. In all other cases, a fiasco awaits you!

Marketing tips

Lack of a corporate blog

Corporate blog. A place where the customer can relax from the constantly flashing in front of him selling information. A place where a person can find useful information about a purchased product or product / service that they are just about to buy. The content in the corporate blog should be high quality and informative, consistent with the status of your company. Also, the information in it should be regularly updated, at least 2 articles a week.

So the question is, do you have it at all? Ask your marketer how often it is updated. Several articles two years ago are a kind of excuse.

The modern world has changed. He became quick. And today it is not those people who have a lot of experience who will win, but those who are ready to change and quickly adapt to new conditions. That is why the people of your company must be modern, fast and creative, and no one has forgotten about mathematics! But first and foremost, they need to be flexible, have so-called (Soft Skills) that will move you and your company to new heights. In the negative case, your business, which was built for many years, will go underwater, to the bottom!