How to conduct a draw on Instagram for a furniture showroom effectively?

Hello everyone! Today we want to share with you a new case for holding a raffle on Instagram! Perhaps you have already tried to do this, but without success? Then look at the results and contact the professionals!

So, the first thing to do is to decide on the prize, what will the winner get? It is important to know that if you set many conditions and offer a notebook as a gift, you will be doomed to failure. Offer something that you yourself would like to win – in our case, it is a high-quality coffee table.

Secondly, decide on the date of the competition and its completion. It is best to do this within 2 weeks. Of course, 1 week is not enough, and more can be too boring, or the product should be of a higher price category.

Third, the target is a mandatory trigger for holding. Of course, people who follow you will participate in the draw, but it will not have such impressive results. Choose the audience wisely, taking into account who will be interested in your gift.

Fourthly, conditions. Don’t put too many obstacles – people like when everything is quick and simple.

Fifth, layouts. Develop advertising layouts that will definitely attract attention: the photo must be of high quality and must contain pleasant words, such as “Give away” or “Become a winner”.

By following these tips, you will achieve the results you were aiming for. Here are our results: