Printing labels and stickers – what are their advantages?

Stickers and labels are images applied to adhesive paper. As promotional materials, stickers, and labels are widely used in many industries, including food, cosmetics, information, and industrial. They are used for marking goods and placing the necessary information on them, as well as for promotion and presentation of the brand. Their advantage is that they are easily applied to the surface and perform their function for a long time.

Among the wide range of labels you can find:

  • cardboard,
  • paper

An interesting alternative to standard self-adhesive labels can be pasting with a film.

Universal use of labels

The extreme versatility of the label is highly appreciated by customers and continues to enjoy undiminished popularity. With the ability to use a variety of materials, shapes and apply personalized graphics, the label is used for a variety of purposes. The most frequently used:

  • labels for packaging such as cosmetics and food products,
  • stickers for labeling household chemicals,
  • self-adhesive price tags,
  • ready-made identification labels, for example, for parcels.

Labels and stickers can be printed on different types of paper depending on the purpose. Printing labels on cardboard is useful, for example, for clothing manufacturers and other product manufacturers. Adhesive labels, stickers, and stickers are now more popular because they are glued directly to finished products. Labels can be printed in large quantities. For this purpose, test samples are printed, and only after confirming the print quality, we print the entire edition.

“Dali” marketing center is a team of specialists who have extensive experience in printing all types of printing and, in particular, labels and stickers, and guarantees the high-quality execution of each order.

High-quality products, a convenient way to place an order

Ordering the printing of labels at the DALI marketing center printing house is a guarantee of receiving high-quality printing that perfectly reflects the design, ensures full color intensity and clarity of details. The products are also characterized by impeccable strength, resistance to moisture, high and low temperatures, fading, peeling, and minor mechanical damage. We use digital plotter cutting technology and provide production of labels and stickers of any complexity.

On our website, customers from all over the country can conveniently place orders and receive goods with delivery across Ukraine.

Need to have your design?

Preparing the label for printing begins with the submission and approval of the graphic design. An individual project is a way of product individuality, distinguishing it from competitors and the possibility of including elements of brand promotion. If the client does not have his graphics, he can use the services of a designer at the “DALI” marketing center. They will carefully prepare the label design according to the client’s instructions and ideas.

Promotional labels and stickers – how much do they cost?

The cost of printing labels depends on the complexity of the service and the types of product stickers. If you choose to use standard monomer or transparent film (without lamination) and have your own graphic design, the cost is low. But with a non-standard shape of stickers, a larger size or when developing a design, a higher cost must be considered. Furthermore, the cost is affected by the circulation of products, the larger the quantity, the lower the price per unit of production.

In the “DALI” marketing center, managers will prepare several order options that would meet the needs, and our specialists will print everything quickly and qualitatively.

Why should you order the printing of labels and stickers at the “DALI” marketing center?

  • Design – we create a layout individually for each client, we also prepare it for printing
  • Quality — modern equipment and proven materials for printing.
  • Experience – we have been specializing in all types of printing for over 15 years
  • A comprehensive approach: design, printing and delivery – everything is done in one place
  • Any form of payment that is convenient for the Customer
  • Additional discounts on all types of advertising in the Dali marketing center – a full-cycle advertising agency.