Important! Interception of information in messengers

Recently, Telegram began offering users the possibility of secret correspondence.
Sounds tempting, but stop! In fact, this type of communication is not secure, as it does not have encryption.
Your important information may be on several levels. Let’s take a look at them:

  1. Public groups. In such communities, there are many people who do not know each other, where someone can find out your personal life, regardless of the platform.In such a situation, there is no need to panic in vain, just follow a number of rules:
  • spread ONLY the truth: the location of medical care or the presence of Russian troops in a particular territory. If the enemy receives this information, it will not give him anything.
  • do not tell anyone about the training of our troops, the location of checkpoints, the situation in a particular area, especially with an indication of the exact address. Such behavior could cost the lives of our defenders. This is unconscious help to the enemy – remember this.

Interestingly, unlike others, Telegram is famous for its ability to bring many people together. But it’s not because the platform is SAFE AND SECURE, rather it just helps spread the word to larger groups.

2. Imagine that in your group there are a small number of people who know each other. At first glance, everything looks pretty confidential and correct. But we want to warn you – even under such conditions, information leakage can still occur. This is due to the lack of encryption or server arrest.
Especially for you – several proven servers.

  • Signal. This platform works with servers outside of Russia, so it can guarantee security.
  • Whatsapp. This American company, like the previous one, uses servers outside the Russian Federation. And most importantly, it can report to the state, but by no means read the messages.

If the information from the above programs was found out by the “third person”, then the leak occurred directly through one of the chat participants.

Well, let’s look at the well-known Telegram. Most of the news is now read by thousands, if not millions of people in this particular Russian messenger. He reports to the state without special permission and undoubtedly reads the content that the Ukrainians distribute. Do you understand what a global problem this can develop?
Please remember the above rules and do not distribute information that can be used against you.