How should business exist during the war in Ukraine?

Both in life and in business you do not need to live in illusions, but learn to accept reality. And now the whole world, except for some representatives of the aggressor country and its satellite countries, calls the events in Ukraine a war. This is our reality today. The enemy, in addition to destroying our military infrastructure, has another goal – to destroy our economy.

Therefore, business must now be mobilized as much as possible to help our army and state. We have collected practical tips for small and medium-sized businesses that will be useful for everyone:

  • Take care of the safety of your loved ones and employees. Transfer everyone you can to telecommuting. Those who work in the workplace do not ignore air alarms. Everyone should know where the nearest bomb shelter is.
  • If possible, pay taxes and utilities, because the funds will go to the state budget for the army and social benefits.
  • Arrange with suppliers to defer unpaid bills or schedule payments. Do the same with your customers.
  • Check your sites: find out on the hosting of which country your site is located (if your provider is Russian, you need to immediately replace it with Ukrainian or European, so as not to sponsor the army of the occupiers and have no technical problems)
  • Optimize your Google ads and Google shopping costs: View your target audience, ad geography, ad text
  • Keep Facebook and Instagram social media pages in a more informative style without entertaining content. Minimize targeting and set up site or ad advertising.
  • Introduce free services in areas where it is possible to help businesses resume work and to get your employees involved and improve their skills.
  • Look for new opportunities to enter foreign markets and find customers there for your brand. Now everyone in the world is trying to help Ukraine not only with humanitarian aid, but also with business. New sites are created every day: or telegram channels, where you can find business partners, permanent or additional work
    And, most importantly, believe and support our army, which daily brings Ukraine closer to victory and peaceful life, and, consequently, the development of your business.