How to competently conduct a live broadcast?

Today, live broadcasting is an integral part of any brand’s strategy. Even if you used to ignore the opportunity to communicate online with your own customers, now is the time to do so!

So, let’s understand how to properly prepare for the broadcast.

  • The topic of conversation. This is something that should be considered in the first place. Think about what you can interest the audience?
  • Announcement. This is important for more people to attend.
  • Collect current questions. The day before, ask subscribers to write questions that interest them through a special sticker in the stories.
  • Prepare a surprise. It can be a one-time promotion or a gift for the most active
  • Determine the timing. We do not recommend airing less than 30 and more than 60 minutes. It is during this period (optimally – 40-50 minutes) that your air will be covered to a new audience, which means that you have a chance not only to temporarily raise the asset, but also to increase the number of subscribers in general.
  • Right to speak. Allow everyone to express their opinion – it is important for people to be heard and respected.
  • Dynamics of the process. Be sure to write theses in the drafts so that you can speak clearly and non-stop later.
  • Save video. For people who have not been able to watch online, but will gladly do it later – it is very tolerant.

That’s all! Now you know the important rules and by following them, you will definitely become a master at communicating with a large number of people online.

In addition to competent live broadcasts, it is important to remember that quality page management plays an important role. The professionals in this field are undoubtedly the team of the marketing center “DALI”. If you want your brand to become more popular, contact us!