Body Beauty Correction Brand Update

In the spring we were approached by a very interesting client. Namely – a person who creates a perfect figure while you lie on the couch. Sounds tempting, doesn’t it?

Given how popular the company’s services are in the spring, the specialists of the DALI marketing center started working at the speed of sound.

Customer desires: beige shades, modernity, aesthetics, customer engagement and popularity.

We made a complete upgrade of the brand: we created a new logo, banner, highlights, updated the price and created the same “selling” visual that Tatiana wanted so much!

In tandem with well-tuned advertising, the company receives entries for the next 2 weeks!

View the results of your work and see for yourself our professionalism now!

The promotion of social networks includes:

· Development of page design in social networks.

· Creating a content plan.

· Writing unique posts according to the content plan.

· Development and publication of stories daily.

· Responses to comments and messages