How to be without communication and the Internet during the war?

It sounds strange, but today, this is a very important question. Previously, no one expected that he would be able to remain completely deprived of mobile communications. But now there are cities that now live in it. So, this information will be useful to everyone:

  • If you occasionally have an Internet source and access to a mobile battery – check only the most important news, which are posted only on official platforms and apply to your region.
  • Always carry an alarming suitcase, if you still neglect it, think: if one day you lose the Internet, light and start active hostilities – you can rely on a folded bag that contains important means of protection and living for several days .
  • If the siren sounds, go down to the nearest bomb shelter and stay with your family. Be attentive and follow the instructions of rescue services
  • Wherever you go, turn off all electricity, gas and water in the house. If possible, write notes to relatives and leave in a pre-arranged place.
  • Make a clear plan of action in case the situation worsens. You can write instructions and inform all family members about it.

In addition, let’s consider behavioral strategies in times of aggravation:

So, what factors influence the change of strategy:

  • Higher level of danger
  • Opportunity to leave work or switch to remote form
  • Low-mobile relatives who will be difficult to transport or even go down to the basement
  • An offer has been made to relocate
  • Presence or loss of transport
  • Acquaintances who can guarantee you housing

  • Strategies can be as follows:
  • Stay in the city of hostilities
  • Go to a safer place
  • Find shelter from friends and relatives
  • Go to a completely unfamiliar region where you have no loved ones
  • Think about your plan in detail, taking into account the characteristics of everyone who lives with you.

Issues to consider:

  • What things you need to have with you and if possible to leave as well
  • What to buy: medicines, products, care products
  • Meeting point
  • What kind of transport will you use or with whom?
  • How to keep in touch if the mobile network is not available (we have an article on this topic)
  • Who is the leader of the group and the rules of conduct in panic
  • Backup plan
  • Place B of residence

If you can’t leave and have to stay in hotspots temporarily, here’s what to do:

  • Make sure you have enough food and water
  • Think about where you will hide in the event of shelling if you are at home or at work at this time
  • Be prepared for the possible absence of gas and electricity (prepare warm clothes)
  • Find water sources in advance
  • Prepare for a sewer malfunction
  • Install a fire extinguisher in the house and check it for serviceability
  • Think about where you will move if you have to leave home

And remember – they will come for you, leave calm and cold mind, we will cope!