Information security rules

Nowadays, everyone needs to be extremely careful. And this applies not only to the security of the location, but also information. We have prepared some valuable tips for you to follow:

  • Do not believe the sources of enemy information
  • Do not look for people among the Russians who can “sympathize”. These are usually fake accounts that are created to hack Ukrainian pages or extract confidential information from us.
  • Do not believe the Russian channels, their script is written in the Kremlin.
  • Do not take to heart the tears, repentance of the Russians, memories of history and do not respond to the title of “brothers”, we are not brothers, because brothers do not shoot relatives.
  • Do not be manipulated by the Russians, any of their words or actions may be an ambush for you.
  • Do not believe the opposition of the enemy. They promise a lot, such as “green” corridors and what happens as a result? Russia knows nothing about the words “promise”, “agreement” or “humanity”

To make it easier, imagine that the information field is mined, safe only where there is official Ukrainian confirmation and no more, do not come into contact with enemy blocs.

We are together, we are strong, we will win!