How not to respond to customers in Direct?

Want to know what happens when you use marketing wisely to promote your business?

You wake up in the morning, pick up the phone and see a lot of questions about the product / service and high customer interest.

And it seems that the main task has been done, but the interest and assets are good, and a quality sale is the main thing! Rejoicing in advance, companies make global mistakes and, as a result, doomed to failure.

Let’s now analyze one situation on the example of a nail salon.

In most beauty salons, administrators are responsible for the consultation – these are the people who know the price, promotional services and current offers.

The Direct has repeatedly received questions: “What is the price of a manicure?” Answer: “450 UAH” – and it’s just a COMPLETE FAILURE. Although, apparently, “Our price is on the site” – takes first place in the anti-response.

Then ask yourself, “I really want to visit a place where everyone cares about you.” – Of course not.

Here are some tips on how to respond to customers:

  • Specify which manicure the client wants (with or without extensions, etc.)
  • Anticipate the wishes of the customer. Especially since it is not as difficult to do it on social networks as it seems at first glance. Go to the page, view the profile. Now you can roughly figure out what the girl’s taste is and what design she will choose. In addition, do not forget to emphasize your strengths, for example: “Our masters undergo a month-long internship before starting to work with people.”
  • Say the price. It’s great when there is a choice for the client. That is, he can choose an art master, master or top master depending on the budget.
  • Ask the obligatory questions: “Which design do you choose?” By following this structure, you will show the person that you are interested in their request and would like to help. So, sell more – with the same advertising budgets.

Now you know how not to respond to customers in Direct, and in order to have someone to answer – contact the marketing center “DALI”. After all, thanks to the quality work of our marketers, the number of order indicators is growing many times over.