What can motivate your customer to make a purchase?

Right! These are well-chosen triggers!

Literally translated – this word means trigger. In marketing, the trigger refers to the reason that motivates the customer to make purchases and other conversion actions. It affects a person’s emotions and pushes for profitable decisions for a businessman.

We have made a selection of 5 effective triggers that have shown high conversion results in practice! So, let’s go!

  • Hope. Remember that people need to believe that the product is good and the service is effective. Sell ​​the result, not the product.
  • The desire to save. Who does not like to save? And how nice it is to understand that you will have a discount or a particularly nice bonus. Take advantage of this!
  • Trust. Of course, you do not want to give your hard-earned money to anyone. That’s why consumers always analyze you. You have to be famous and definitely have a good reputation. Visit the red carpet, give interviews and take part in charity events for greater recognition in the market.
  • Dignity. Make the customer feel that he is the owner of your product. In promotional materials, describe the emotions and feelings he will feel while holding or using the product. Let him hold the product, that is, conduct a test drive, tasting.
  • Authority. Demonstrate to the client your professionalism, experience and authority, tell about your reputation in the market. Remember! People buy from those they respect and trust. Also, be sure to use these triggers on social media. If you can’t do it yourself, then contact the marketing center “DALI” and our specialists will help make customers want to make a purchase in your store!