7 tips to improve your digital marketing in 2022

If you are a brand that wants to grow internationally, you definitely need to be on trend. In 2022, digital marketing is gaining more and more popularity. That is why the “Dali” marketing center has prepared for you TOP-7 tips for improving digital marketing in 2022.

  • Communication at the highest level. Due to the pandemic and the war situation in the country, it is important to be able to communicate properly. Remember: no boilerplate phrases, chatbots and long answers.
  • Advertising without cookies. According to the latest news, Google plans to completely abandon cookies by the end of 2023. You need to look ahead – and look for alternative targeting options now.
  • Data-driven marketing for all time. In fact, more than 70% of people decided to buy a particular product thanks to the analysis of their data. It all seems very complicated, but it is not. Data-driven marketing will take off if the company learns to use analytics. Yes, these are numbers and their correct understanding is the trump card of all the organizations we know.
  • Short “sticky” videos. In the time of remote living, immersive video platforms have started to grow. The first thing that comes to mind is Tik-Tok. It may seem to you that there is nothing to do except for aesthetic pleasure, while professional marketers use this program as a quality marketing tool. About 65% of young people prefer video content, provided it is an interesting and attractive idea.
  • Flexible marketing. Follow the rule: if you want to be successful, be in the trend, if you want to be in the trend, develop. Thanks to the complex approach of work, you will undoubtedly reach the top. Don’t forget to use interesting interactives, giveaways, contests and reviews. However, again, analyze – when it will be appropriate and when not. The “Dali” marketing center offers quality brand promotion services in a complex, which allows you to speed up development and save the client’s money.
  • Exclusivity. Agree, when outside the 21st century, we rarely see unique products. People want to stand out from the crowd, they need something new and interesting. Turn on creativity! Having created such a product, all you have to do is competently launch it into the world, and then things will go smoothly.
  • Live broadcasts. In fact, this influence tool is already a little outdated and many accounts ignore it, but everything new is the forgotten old, so why not give it a new lease of life. The day before, be sure to announce the broadcast and offer to hold an online interactive session.