We promote medical facilities DALI

As everyone knows, the “DALI” marketing center promotes many clients in the medical field. These are such well-known brands as: Dental Home, Proctology, DermaTreatment, BodyBeauty, Lorternopil and others.

After getting acquainted with the cases and services, another client contacted us. He liked our live management, communication, page design, and most importantly – real results! The brands we promote have long surpassed their competitors and are at the top! Recordings for 2 weeks in advance, popularity and positive reviews are what brought the physical rehabilitation doctor Vasyl Shamaev to us.

So, the desire is obvious – to reach a steep level in the Ternopil region. What is needed for this?

  • Make a complete analysis of existing social networks
  • Eliminate errors and make corrections where necessary
  • Develop a “selling” visual
  • Prepare an exciting content plan and write interesting posts
  • Agree on joint management of stories – live content + useful information
  • Add relevant rubrics for highlights and develop icons of the appropriate style.
  • Improve the logo.
  • A lot of work, agree? But this is only part of the whole process.

We open the curtain for you and share the work process! DALI – more!