5 steps from acquaintance to purchase. Sales technique.

Today we are getting acquainted with effective sales techniques, which will definitely be useful for promoting goods on social networks, because it works both in correspondence and in conversation.

The 5-step technique will allow you to convey the value of the offer, stand out from the competition (which is important when creating a marketing strategy) and not hear the phrases: “I’ll think…”, “Why so expensive?”…

1. Greetings, establishing contact:

– see what the person’s name is or clarify when calling;

– name yourself, if your project has a name, sound it;

– the task of this step is to make a person feel that he is happy.

2. Identification of needs.

The most important step and often it is a bunch of mistakes.

It is important to understand why a person needs a product or service. Ask 2-3 questions: what is important, how you plan to use, for whom you buy.

We talk more about the customer, about his tasks and needs, less about your product.

It is at the step of identifying the need that sincere attention and the ability to hear are manifested. This is where soft selling takes place.

3. Product presentation after needs identifying.

And only now we start talking about the product. But not everything, but only what is important to a particular person, what matters to him. We focus on the benefits of the product or service.

4. Work with objections.

If the client voiced doubts – this is a victory. This means that we have managed to build trust; the customer is ready for dialogue and is seriously considering the purchase. The simplest technique for dealing with objections is to join. You should listen to the objections and join with the phrases “I understand …”, “I agree this is an important point” and so on.

5. Completion of the agreement.

Don’t get stuck in 4 stages, when the client seems to have asked everything, found out everything, you answered everything. You always have the initiative; you lead like in a dance. Ask: “On what date to arrange delivery?”, Transfer the customer from the stage of “talk” to specifics. Note that the question should not mean the answer “no” – “So you will order?”. The conversation is conducted as if you have already agreed on everything and now only small details are being clarified.

The steps are very simple; in fact they are the basics of marketing and the basics of sales. But first you have to learn to control yourself to follow them. But the result is always an increase in sales with the same number of requests.