What to do when the mobile network is gone?

In fact, disconnecting a mobile phone is not as easy as it may seem, but the scenarios are different.

So, let’s look at this situation in more detail:

First, SMS should work even with a significant deterioration in the network, so if you can’t hear well – write

Secondly, there are special, protected programs that are actually designed for thematic events:

Bridgefy. Possible for both Android and iOS. However, iOS owners claim that the application may be unstable. IMPORTANTLY! You need the Internet to run this application, so be prepared in advance.

Briar. Available only for Android and has its advantages. For example, it allows you to add contacts when distributing special links at a distance.

Third, paper and pen to help. We are all used to communicating through messengers, but why don’t you experiment? Arrange in advance with the interlocutor where you will leave the letters. Write thoughts, news, describe the situation and do not lose heart. It’s all over soon!

Stay strong and positive! We will definitely win, because we are Ukrainians!