Current about Google My Business

When creating a business promotion strategy, all components must be taken into account. Including Google “My Business”. After all, it is a huge structure that has many tools designed for the efficient operation of your company.

Google My Business is a tool that combines information from Google Analytics and Google addresses. And also allows you to create a new type – Google Post and monitor its effectiveness. This service enables companies to appear on Google, that is, in special blocks: on the map, in information about the company, even without a website.

When searching for your company on the Internet, namely through Google Search, it will be displayed in the following form: location; method of communication (phone number); work schedule; route and rating.

Effectiveness and coverage of the company profile

By creating a profile on “My Business”, you will attract the attention of potential customers to your company. There you can do many different things, such as:

publication of articles and photos;

responses to reviews;

change of information about the company;

viewing statistics.

You can monitor the effectiveness of your company’s profile in Google “My Business” itself. You just need to select the performance in the “My Business” profile and set the dates for which the profile coverage report will be sent to you.

The correct design of your profile will help increase its views and positively affect the promotion of the company. By analyzing all the competitors in your industry, you will create a flawless profile and be able to easily outrank them.

You should fill out the profile as much as possible and optimize it correctly.

To increase your reach, start using Google Posts. This tool is great for click-through rates and overall profile visits of people who will become your future leads.

In general, you can post any useful information related to your company or interesting events that are about to take place. Talk about the products or services you provide. Activate the “Questions and Answers” section – this will help the client get complete information about you and your activities.

Using all the possibilities of Google My Business, you create an efficient and effective promotion strategy for your company, which will help bring your business to a new high level.

Modern difficulties with “My Business”

Due to martial law, restrictions on editing and creating new profiles have been imposed on some countries. Here are examples of the most common:

  • Problems creating a new account. You can create a company profile and it will be in “processing” status until the end of martial law, which means that no one but you will see the company profile.
  • Not everyone will be able to edit a phone number or address, but you can always contact support for help.
  • The use of phone numbers in texts is now not allowed – if you add it to “news”, your publication will be rejected or deleted later.