5 steps of marketing strategy

Before starting or taking on profile management, the first step should be to develop a marketing strategy that will guide your work. This includes setting goals and opportunities, determining the budget, coloring individual events, creating a creative line and categories of publications. A well-thought-out strategy, followed by its reliable implementation, is a direct path to efficiency and success.

Our team has created a short guide for you, i.e. 5 steps to a successful marketing strategy! Enjoy reading.

Do I need to create a marketing strategy?

So. A clear action plan will help you achieve your goal. Employees and customers will know who the target group is, what content we publish and how we measure the effectiveness of our activities.

Your final communication strategy should answer the following questions:

What do we want to achieve?

How do we do it?

When will we get there?

At what cost will we do it?

The first step is GOAL

The most important point in the process of creating a marketing strategy is to clearly state the purpose of our activity so that it is well understood by employees and customers. There’s nothing worse than working on a project that doesn’t do us any good…

The second step is Audit

Internal and external analysis is also an important aspect. In which sector and at what level does the product/service advertised by us directly affect the activities carried out. Only if you know your competition for sure can you chase them away!

The third step is the budget

Determining your budget is the cornerstone of any marketing strategy. Based on the finances available at your disposal, you can plan individual work periods and control expenses.

The fourth step is KPI

KPIs are key strategic assumptions with measurable objectives. It can be, for example, a certain number of transitions for a certain period. Thanks to KPI, you can analyze the progress and development of your activity, implement a plan or forecast crisis situations.

The fifth step is Target audience

Probably, everyone has already written about it, but it is worth reminding about this important aspect of creating a marketing strategy. Only a correctly defined target group will benefit us. It is certainly pointless to target a campaign to people who are not interested in the topic. It’s a waste of time and budget.

In the PLAN, there were situations when over time we noticed that a new interested target group was formed on this profile, which deviated from the one defined by the client himself. In such a situation, it is worth analyzing the changes in targeting and consulting on further steps.

If you believe that changing your target audience will lead to better results, discuss it with your team. Do not be afraid to take radical steps! Propose changes to the client, arguing them with real examples from the profile.

In summary…

Don’t take action without a well thought out marketing strategy. Only a clear and consistent plan will lead to positive results of your work. Keep in mind the most important elements you need to analyze: objective, audit, budget, KPI and target group.

And finally… control your actions, moderate each stage and stick to the PLAN.