What should be a business card to attract customers?

Although we, entrepreneurs, talk more and more about image, we still often receive a “card” with a million pieces of information instead of a business card. A good business card is a great way to create a positive image. And very typically during the first contact. Business cards can be representative and for daily distribution.

Today we will convince you of the power of business cards, possibilities, mistakes, and content.


Let’s start with the most basic information. A business card is not a postcard. Many of us think that the more information they put on a business card, the more sales they will make. This, of course, is completely untrue. Listing a million services has nothing to do with good sales. Of course, let’s not go to extremes, 2-3 slogans describing our services.

To better understand this, let’s look at the example of a photographer’s business card. You can, for example, give the following slogan: “Photography is a memory for life.” But, for example, “Wedding photography, wedding preparation, photography, wonderful portraits only with me” is a real exaggeration;). So, how do you do it right?

Believe me, the best solution would be, for example, to put a favorite photo, for example, from a wedding, on a business card. This message format works much more on the client’s imagination than the listed 18 slogans, and excessive content simply clutters our business card, making it less elegant.

The most important thing is to understand that we do not sell products as in a window, but create an image.

Business card design development it is best to trust a professional designer. After presenting your company, he will definitely have some ideas for creating an individual and creative project for you. It is also worth adding a few of your ideas to the layout. Remember, however, that their excessive amount can have an effect completely opposite to the expected one.


The use of the latest technologies allows you to get the highest quality printing. In the “DALI” marketing center, many times we have seen business cards that have defects due to old production equipment. Companies that evolve with the market will be able to offer effective and durable solutions.

Let’s start with the soil itself. A business card, which is often carried in a wallet or among many others, can be easily torn, crumpled or damaged. To ensure the proper appearance of our product, it is important to use high-quality thick paper. Unfortunately, we typically see layouts on thinner paper that are not suitable for this type of printing. Most typically, this is related to technology—the lack of a suitable machine for printing on hard surfaces.

If the design is well-prepared, the business card should not contain blurred elements (for example, a photo), stripes, pixels. The most common problem is also black, which should convey depth and be smooth. A black business card makes an impression only when it is well-made. Therefore, in the “DALI” marketing center, we do a test print to check the colors and whether the layout for printing was correctly submitted by the client.

Design (processing), that is, the last step that is important from the point of view of quality in almost every industry. For the design of business cards, we use special foil, which we stick on both sides. This gives the business card the effect of glossy, deep matte or velvet to the touch of the material. This method of processing will also protect the business card from damage, which will extend its service life.

Highlighting a business card among others

To make your business card stand out among the many others at the client, designers at the “DALI” marketing center offer several ideas for an extraordinary business card. It can surprise your client and make him even brag about you.


We often come across the idea of ​​making a golden logo or placing golden elements on a business card. Unfortunately, the printed golden color produced by the ink is far from the effect of real gold. It is possible to deposit a special hot foil, which gives an incredible effect. Manufacturers offer a wide range of options when choosing foil. You can use silver, copper, and even a holographic effect. A few examples are below.


To get a 3D effect, the logo can be applied to paper. For this, we use special matrices. Remember that the displayed element must be thoroughly prepared, saved in vector format.


By contacting the “DALI” marketing center, you will receive the best design and printing at the cheapest price. After all, you can order a full range of work from us, from design development to the production of business cards in a short period of time.