We launch advertising 2.5 times more effectively!

When you have cool visuals, skilled staff, but a problem with records, it means you should turn to an experienced target expert at the DALI Marketing Center.

You need to treat the target wisely, namely: how not to waste the budget, how to determine the audience, how to set up advertising so that it is effective.

Our team does it 2.5 times more efficiently than competitors, because they have years of experience and a large amount of knowledge behind them.

Today we will share with you the results of the Dental Home dentistry target in Ternopil.

Advertising was launched on Instagram for dental implants with a link to the site. This ad was viewed 27,000 times. And they clicked to go to the site – 185 times. The price per click is 0.05 cents.

One of the important points, in addition to the competent setting of advertising, is the development of an attractive banner. The designer of the DALI marketing center makes more than 20 exclusive layouts every day. What else is needed to be sure of our creativity and expertise? Rate the layouts and contact us if you’d like to receive 2 weeks’ worth of entries!