TOP-7 conclusions for 15 years of work in Internet marketing

For 15 years of operation, the “Dali” marketing center has gone through fire and water! Here are some effective tips for you:

  • Analytics first! The numbers show the results of the work done – study it.
  • Division of duties. Each person must perform the work assigned to him by specialization.
  • Experiment. Nothing is perfect, especially in business – check your own assumptions and find the best option for you.
  • Keep up with others! Follow the marketing trends, they change every day.
  • Do not skimp on quality. The miser pays twice. In marketing, this rule actually always works.
  • Demonstrate the results of your work.
  • Set the bar. Do not start work if the conditions do not justify your work.
  • Secretly, almost no one reads long posts, but hey.
  • We have provided you with simple but effective tips for productive work. Use them and remember that marketing is the engine of the 21st century! Especially in “Dali” Become our clients – and see for yourself in our expertise now!