Selling by phone: tips that work

If you think that you just need to be able to speak clearly to sell over the phone, you are deeply mistaken.
In fact, there are 7 stages of preparation for mobile sales:

  1. Required information about the client: his preferences, taboos, financial status
  2. Prepare an introductory language or scripts that will make it easier to find a common language
  3. Less language in dialogue. Speak in essence, simple and accessible language
  4. If this is your first experience, make a rehearsal or a “test” call
  5. Work on the intonation and timbre of the voice, it should be pleasant and clear
  6. Be prepared to give up and stay in a positive mood under any circumstances
    After that, you can safely get to work, or if you still do not have confidence, let the first day with you a senior manager who will accompany and help.

We have also prepared for you some life hacks from personal experience that will help to make sales by phone perfectly:

  1. When talking on the phone – smile. Yes, the buyer does not see you in person, but with a smile, your voice changes and forms a positive connection.
  2. Ask questions so that it is difficult to answer “no”, build a friendly dialogue
  3. It is enough to use such phrases as: “You would not like; whether or not you can ”, such sentences contain the particle“ no ”and it would seem – a trifle, but on a psychological level you push the client to refuse
  4. Do not criticize competitors
  5. Expand your customer base and do not be afraid of failures.
  6. Listen carefully to the client and try to keep him in the right direction, without being distracted by other topics
  7. Do not be rude in response. Unfortunately, people are different and if you get a negative in your favor, be wiser – thank you for your attention and say goodbye
  8. Describe the benefits of the product, but do not praise it. When there are a lot of ideals, you get the impression that you are being deceived
  9. Analyze each call: where you are good, and where you need to work. Learn to work with objections and then you will definitely become a pro!