Promotion of websites through social networks

Everyone knows that they should contribute through social sites , but not everyone knows how to do it, or rather how not to do it (so as not to discourage them). We will discuss the topic of social media in the context of the most common mistakes in communication between companies and customers on social networks, as well as address the latest trends in this form of promotion.

  • Facebook users are more particular about their favorite pages.

It would seem that in the beginning on Facebook, we were fans of almost everything that appeared on the board, whether it was a cartoon character or a cosmetic brand that we simply associate. Today, however, we’re a little smarter about creating a list of what we like (or at least say we like).

Because companies are much more active on social networking sites these days, our boards are seeing more and more brand promotion posts (often overshadowing the activity of our friends). We add those that really interest us to our favorites. And we very often use the opportunity to “leave” the group of fans of the brand. We are simply becoming more aware and demanding of consumers, also in terms of the content that companies place on their portals.

  • Why is a company losing fans on Facebook?

Many companies are seeing a decrease in the number of followers of company profiles in their communities. It’s very disturbing that people stop being our fans because they previously claimed to be fans (unless of course we bought fans, because some companies have also done such unfortunate things…).

It is useful to know the reasons why people stop being fans of Facebook pages. We usually stop being fans of a brand because:

the company is too active on the portal – flooding our boards with entries;

most of the company’s records are advertisements, i.e. marketing gibberish;

records are boring and repetitive;

we liked the brand on the occasion of a one-time promotion, for example, a competition.

  • Moderation is important

Do you have a million thoughts a minute and think everything is appropriate to post on your company profile? Do you come up with an idea, put it on sites where you actively publish and adhere to the principle “the more the merrier”? Meanwhile, in the case of social media, the most important thing is not the quantity, but the quality of the content provided. People are demanding, and simply appearing on their boards does not bode well for us. The speed at which the average user “scrolls” through the messages displayed on their profile should give us food for thought.

We scroll and stop where something interests us, attracts attention. After all, we become fans of a company because we appreciate it for something, so we expect it to give us something of value, also on Facebook. So let’s not bombard people with cute or funny pictures of animals, unless our offer is aimed at animal lovers.

Always remember that the number of fans and likes under the records does not prove anything, and exactly the so-called beggars (that is, likes that are actually begged, for example, on pictures of cute animals, funny pictures of children) do not in any way build the image of the company. We do not stop with such publications for a long time, at some point (with an excess of such content) we simply start to ignore them.

  • Don’t overwhelm people with advertising for your business

Businesses often look to Facebook as a place to post a banner or catalog of products (offers). By posting information about an offer or an invitation to visit a website or a map of a specific product in the following posts, we are marketing nonsense to our Facebook users.

  • Don’t be boring!

This is where the biggest problem arises for those responsible for corporate Facebook. What to publish so as not to get bored and repeat yourself? Creativity, creativity and creativity again, plus knowledge of marketing (social networks). “Anyone” cannot be in charge of Facebook in a company. If the company does not have a marketing department, we can establish cooperation with specialists (companies that also conduct such campaigns) and entrust them with social activities.

What is DALI for Social Media Companies?

After the first “boom” in Internet communities, some experts spoke of them only as a temporary fashion, a trend. Meanwhile, social marketing has been developing for years, the functions of social networking sites are expanding and their popularity is growing. People are spending more and more time on Facebook, looking not only at photos of their friends, but also at articles posted by their favorite websites, companies, and apps. Therefore, active activity in social networks benefits companies, helping to build long-term relationships with customers and a positive brand image in the market.