Printing and production of calendars: wall, flip, table, and pocket

Calendars are a great advertising tool. They are usually clearly visible in offices and corporate premises. Thanks to this, they are used for everyday planning.

Printing houses offer a wide selection of types of calendars, such as:

  • detachable calendar;
  • overturned;
  • desktop calendar;
  • wall calendar;
  • poster;
  • quarterly;
  • pocket calendar.

Companies that choose to print calendars for employees or contractors often brand them with their logo. Thanks to this, the calendar performs an advertising function, it is aesthetic, and the elements related to the company are so discreet that everyone willingly uses such accessories.

Company calendars are the best gift for clients

Corporate calendars are an ideal gift for key business partners. Companies give them as Christmas greetings or at the beginning of the new year.

An attractive and balanced graphic design is important. A logo that is too large and obtrusive can overwhelm the consumer, while a subtle graphic design will engage and encourage the use of the corporate calendar.

Effective and functional one-section calendar

The biggest advantage of a single-sided calendar is its size. Its small size allows you to display it even in the most unexpected and unusual places. Despite its small size, the one-sided calendar has enough space for advertising. You can use the top and bottom.

Wall calendars are made of very durable materials. In addition, there are several calendar design options. The most popular are matte and glossy printing. It happens that customers decide to use selective lamination.

One-section calendars are inexpensive, but at the same time very effective, readable and functional, which can make them a real advertising bestseller.

A complete wall calendar with your photos

A calendar with your photos is a great form to use as a gift. This type of calendar is just beginning to gain popularity. Business calendar options are much more often used.

A pocket calendar is effective year-round advertising

A pocket calendar is a great advertising medium. It is so practical that more and more customers decide to use it. It has a small functional format that allows you to store it in your wallet among payment cards and other important documents. Rounded corners make the mini calendar look professional. In addition, they extend its service life.

Where is the best place to use a pocket calendar?

A pocket calendar is an excellent solution for any company. This is a very functional element, thanks to which customers can not only organize their time more easily, but also always have the company’s contact information at hand.

Pocket calendars have a variety of additional uses. Depending on the design, they can be used as discount vouchers or loyalty cards. They are very versatile, so they are ideal for everyday use. Pocket calendars are a favorite both among older people and among pupils and students.

Printing of mini calendars

Calendars are printed at a very attractive price. They are printed exclusively by the method of offset printing on matte chalk paper. The standard weight of paper for printing mini-calendars is 350 grams. Calendar printing is almost always double-sided and colorful.

Several processing options for leaf calendars are also possible. The customer can choose different types of printing:

  • glossy or matte,
  • unilateral or bilateral.

A spiral calendar is perfect for any desk

A spiral calendar can become an interesting and practical office decoration. At the same time, it is an effective form of advertising for the company, as it reaches a wide audience thanks to its form. There are two ways to print spiral calendars. These are: one-sided and two-sided printing.

A spiral calendar is a printing process

Calendars are printed in full color and the layout is protected with varnish, which makes it really durable. Printing houses allow you to place any design on each page of the calendar according to the needs of the customer.

Spiral calendar formats

Usually, spiral calendars are printed in formats from B2 to A4 with a cover on coated paper weight300 g. It is possible to additionally decorate the cover with glossy foil, which will give spiral calendars additional visual value.

An indispensable element of this type of calendar is a metal spiral. The calendar is printed on the highest quality materials. It can have different forms.

A three-part calendar

The triple wall calendar is one of the most popular models of calendars available in public places. It is used in places such as offices, offices, secretary’s office or waiting room. Its practical large format allows you to quickly and easily read the necessary information, even with a large number of people and at a distance.

Currently, three-part calendars are the most popular on the market. They differ in interesting graphics and the possibility of separating pages for a given month. You can usually find them in triples — covering three months. In addition to the ability to control the date, advertising information can be placed on them – on top and in the spaces between the calendars.

In the case of this type of calendar, the most important thing is an appropriate design and a simple advertising message. As a result, such calendars are presented much more willingly, which is directly expressed in the increase in the strength of the advertising message.

The triple calendar has been one of the most popular options for several years now, both for individuals and businesses. Thanks to a wide range of products in this segment, you can quickly and effectively reach new groups of customers.

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