Is billboard profitable for you?

Billboards are traditional, popular and, most importantly, one of the most effective types of outdoor advertising. Their effectiveness lies in the correct location, constant display and attractive message. Large, well-lit banners on buildings or specialized structures in high-traffic areas are a proven recipe for your success.

Billboards are a form of promotion that works well in almost every business – regardless of its specifics, range, budget or size of the company. SMEs can use billboards to advertise their offer locally. Large corporations successfully use these media when organizing national events. The price for an effective billboard campaign starts from 2000 UAH month.

The benefits of using billboards can be seen below in figures:

  1. 0% is a chance to block this form of advertising. Unlike advertising on television or on the Internet, advertising on billboards cannot be turned off or blocked. This way you can be sure that you will reach all your potential customers.
  2. 55% – this percentage of passers-by and drivers pay attention to billboards. The size, the correct placement of billboards and interesting creation make people pay attention to the message. Thanks to billboards, you can effectively create the image of your brand and reach a larger group of recipients.
  3. 80% – that’s how many recipients will remember your billboard. A well-designed and designed billboard makes this form of advertising easy to remember. As a result, your brand will receive many new recipients who are more likely to accept your offer.

Advertising on billboards is:

1. This is the most popular type of advertising that people are used to looking for information.

2. Billboards are characterized by the best value for money.

3. Many contractors throughout Ukraine provide excellent information exactly where your customers are.

4. Billboards are placed in places with high traffic, which maximizes the number of recipients, is your potential customers.

The most popular billboard formats

Don’t you know how big your graphic design needs to be to fit all your advertising content? Don’t worry, here are the five most popular billboard formats. They are as follows:

  • Standard 1 – 600 cm x 300 cm;
  • Standard 2 (Europeaan format) – 504 cm x 238 cm;
  • Standard 3- 400 cm x 300 cm;
  • Standard 4 – 12 m x 3 m – 36 m2;
  • Standard 5 – 12 m x 4 m – 48 m2;

Why choose the marketing center “DALI” to place ads on billboards

Marketing center “DALI” is the largest database of advertising services for the company in Ternopil. At your disposal more than 100 types of advertising media.

Marketing center “DALI” has all the advertising formats available on the market for you, from smaller formats, such as city lights, through billboards, to large-format advertising on buildings. In our transparent offer you can check exactly what advertising space we offer in the places that interest you. This allows you to evaluate the available options before making a rental decision.

We always consider all the aspects that are key to the success of an advertising campaign, collect them and, under the supervision of professionals, create advertising that brings real profits to your company.

Location, size, message and visibility – strategic components associated with the reception of marketing content. Everyone, if they can easily see and read the content, automatically receives its message. We place large formats with a fast and high flow of people, so that even people rushing notice the spectacular billboard.

We offer a comprehensive package of services, thanks to which you will conduct a quality campaign with us from the inside. We help you choose the type of advertising to use as a tool to achieve your marketing goals. Our experienced staff will create a design that will attract attention 24 hours a day. We will issue the necessary permits, make banners and install advertising.

The solutions offered by the marketing center “DALI” are products of the highest quality, modern design and durability. Each offer is developed individually for the client to meet the expectations of each company.