“I need to think “/“We’ll call you back.” Politely sent or just not convinced of your expertise? How to get away with this?

Two types(Either this is not a confident person, or you are culturally sent).

There are two types of people who tell you the phrase “I need to think” / “We’ll call you back.” Either this is not a confident person who is afraid to take risks, or you are culturally sent on, and it happens, do not be upset! Therefore, in order to be much less upset than to smile, I have written you some practical tips to be able to fend off in such situations!

Their thoughts will definitely not be related to you.

I think this is probably one of the most unnecessary phrases you can use! This phrase is the most unpleasant to hear. Everyone at least once had this thought in their head: “How should I guess what you want to think?”. My advice to you, beat in the open, why, what and how, it did not suit him. It may be something you didn’t even notice, but it’s important to the person! If you have already started talking openly, also try to ask what you would need to fix, how to replace the offer so that the customer agrees to the purchase.


Don’t let them trust their advisers.

If this phrase comes from an indecisive person, again hit him in the forehead and ask what stops him from making a purchase decision. Clients often like to speculate that they need to consult with a woman, a friend, a neighbor. In this case, offer to make the presentation a second time in the presence of this other person so that she can express her opinion on this.