How to sell on the Internet? 7 common mistakes when starting an online store.

When you start an online store, we think that we will immediately sell. But how many details we miss, thinking that this is not the most important thing to take into account. Read the next article and start getting tons of applications today!

Did not test the niche

Before you invest all your money in a product, check if there is a demand for your product. You can find out if the product is popular in the first week of the test.

Don’t promote

Invest in your page! The more you invest, the more you will get back! Invest in all traffic channels, check everything to understand what to bet on.

Practical tips for online business

Design is the main thing

If you choose the right product, set a good price, make your store convenient for the customer, then an attractive design will only be a nice bonus! But if your page is complicated, customers will not be able to clearly see the product, and the terms of cooperation with your store will be difficult and incomprehensible and no one design will not help you!

Don’t keep customers

If your previous customers do not return to your store, it is a very bad call to your business! Try your best to keep customers, introduce a loyalty program, like their photos, drop them information about discounts! Do everything just your customers can’t even think about other stores!

Do not consider specific costs

In an online business, you just need to include in the calculations of your business model, third-party costs that do not occur offline. Shipping or online acquiring costs add 15-20% to your overall budget.


Dumping for small businesses is a way to the pit! You are still extremely weak to compete with sharks, which are not the first year in your niche. Dumping is justified only if the production of the product costs the entrepreneur cheaper than competitors.

Practical tips for online business

No reviews

In an online business, where the customer is already afraid and shaken, whether to buy from you or not, a store that does not publish reviews, shoots a machine gun, right in the head! Feedback raises the customer’s trust in you! People pay attention to the opinions of other buyers about the product. If your store does not already have them, try to find them on other resources and place them on your website.