How to sell a product or service using a poll

Did you know that selling a service or product using a poll is as easy as shelling pears? Now I’ll tell you how to do it.

So, for example, you offer a permanent make-up service. And you sincerely believe that the main problem that potential customers doubt is the high price of the service. You reduce it, but the improvements are minor or none at all. This means that you have not guessed the main pain of your client. And to do this, a poll is needed.

For example, in the case described above, the question may sound like this: “What prevents you from making a permanent?” And the answer options: “expensive”, “I’m afraid of pain”, “I’m afraid of a bad result”, “I’m afraid for my health.” You can add some more options. And it is quite possible that you will be surprised at the result obtained. Since the main part of the audience may not be worried about the high price, but the fear of the result or fears for health.

But the work doesn’t end with the poll. We still need to sell. Next, we take the option that received the most votes, for example, “I’m afraid for my health.” And we are writing a post why the procedure cannot harm health. Next, we work out the pain of the group that scored slightly fewer answers than the previous one. And we are writing a post on this topic.

You can not only use posts, but also record videos. For example, record the procedure for those clients who are afraid of pain, to show that the model is relaxed, does not feel uncomfortable, and does not bleed.

After all the posts and videos prepared on the topic are released, you can safely post a selling post. And he is guaranteed to give results. And this is not surprising. After all, we found out the real pains of clients, covered them with content and proved ourselves to be an expert in the matter.

Do you use polls to promote your products?