How to post creative Instagram posts every day?

First of all, creative posts are a well-thought-out course of thought, a so-called business plan, a well-thought-out model of a project in the future.

Copywriters have a specific and well-thought-out task, considered steps before posting. It takes a lot of effort, but it’s worth it, believe me.

To begin with, you need to study the client’s industry, take into account all the wishes and make your own adjustments. usually modify it in the process.

Creative texts and posts on any social network are not easy, you need to remember that. So here you are the tips you will need in posting for every day:

1. Keep up with the times, follow the trends, because what you posted two days ago may not be relevant tomorrow, so it’s important. It’s important for the Instagram algorithm, because only the interesting and modern get into the top.

2. Collaborate with the best, with people who generate ideas. The team must go in the same direction with the client, not contradict his ideas and accurately present their own.

3. Edit the image well and always be guided by what is now in the top, what people like.

4. Make plans for posting every day, for this you will find a convenient application – Postmypost

5. Objective opinion..If ​​you think that the post is perfect and is not subject to refinement, it is better to ask your colleagues about the opinion and comments, and sometimes what is done will not seem perfect to you.

6. Publish various kinds of posts, with humor, cognitive, posts that call for action.

They are gaining success and recognition quite well and usually fall into the recommendations.

7. Communicate with your CA – I mean ask their thoughts for ideas for posting, share your ideas, ask what interesting and informative they would like to see in the blog.

8. Facts and statistics. You should always share with the audience certain pieces of work.

Creative posts are, first of all, creative ideas and their well-thought-out regular posting.