How to avoid declining sales in January: 5 tips

The end of December is the time “Let’s go after the holidays?” Office activity is dropping and work chats are dying down. Yes, orders and deliveries are at their peak. But soon the majority of your customers will end up shopping for the New Year, and then a recession is inevitable.

January is considered a “dead” month even for manufacturers of off-season products. Consumers are simply running out of money. Moreover, family meetings, trips out of town and watching “Home Alone” distract from shopping.

Explosive growth in sales after the New Year is possible if you are Apple and have introduced a new iPhone. But our tips will help at least not to lose the audience’s attention.

1. Release of new items. Even if it’s not an iPhone, the January product release is an excuse to remind customers of yourself. Announce a new product or service, lure customers while competitors are resting.

2. Cross-sell. Analyze the pre-New Year orders and offer to buy accessories. Perhaps someone bought himself or a friend a camera and forgot to take a bag with him.

3. Thematic sale. A typical example is the January discounts on fur coats. Prepare for the renewal of the assortment and arrange the elimination of residues. The greater the discount on stale items, the faster the warehouse will be vacated for the spring collection.

4. Helping to start a new life. In early January, people still hope to fulfill their New Year’s promises. There is a growing demand for self-help books, courses, and organic food. Even if that’s not what you are selling, figure out how your product helps you get better and tell me.

5. Useful and engaging content. Yes, there is less money, but there is more free time, and New Year’s movies are boring. Discuss forecasts for the coming year with subscribers, come up with productive plans, arrange a photo contest and vote. Do not forget about the “evergreen” posts – the most popular materials can be re-posted.

And immediately after the holidays, start preparing for the next holidays. Valentine’s Day and Woman’s Day are closer than they seem. It’s time to come up with gift sets, print certificates and prepare creatives for ads (by the way, don’t forget to turn off New Year’s announcements before January 1, so as not to waste your budget).

Happy holidays and good sales to everyone!