How can you earn in Tik-Tok?

Until recently, Tik-Tok was regarded as a platform for entertaining schoolchildren, sticking videos and nothing more. However, in a matter of months, this messenger has grown to a global scale. And yes, you can earn there too. Specialists of the “DALI” marketing center have prepared for you TOP earning schemes in Tik-Tok:

  • Content monetization. It’s kind of like YouTube: popular influencers also get good money for the number of views of their content.

There are certain rules and restrictions for connecting monetization:

a person of legal age
the presence of subscribers must be at least 10,000
the views should also be quite large – more than 10,000 per month
no prohibited content
copyrighted content only

  • Donate. If you have more than 1000 followers, you can go live and viewers will send you gifts by buying them with Tik Tok Coins. It will be converted into “diamonds” on your account, and real money on your account.
  • Advertising. There are several integration options:

· account mention

· brand ambassador

· link in profile

· participation in challenges

In all these offers, the amount of earnings will depend on the number and activity of your fans. With quality submissionmaterial you will become even more popular.

  • Traffic arbitrage is another good option that involves advertising certain goods and services. True, the income you receive is always different, it will depend on the number of new customers who came from you.\
  • Selling your goods and services
  • Tricking comments and likes. You won’t be able to make good money here, but this is one of the things that a beginner can do.
  • Maintenance of accounts
  • Sale of accounts
  • Promotion of Youtube and Instagram. This is an indirect but effective way of making money on the Tik-Tok platform. Transfer traffic and more familiar platforms and monetize there.

So the main question is how much can you earn on Tik-Tok?

In fact, it all depends on which path you choose, how much time and effort you are willing to spend to get into the recommendations. Usually, beginners will earn 400-5000 UAH per month. People with experience, who have several million followers on their page, on average receive 70,000-100,000 UAH per month.