Telephone marketing

Probably each of us at least once in his life will face or have encountered telephone marketing. Simply put, telephone marketing is one of the fastest and most effective ways to significantly increase the company’s sales services. In this article we will look at the pros and cons of “telephone marketing” and whether it is really as effective as it is said.


7 Internet Marketing Strategies

Internet marketer is not just a vacancy for, it is a full-fledged profession that is well paid and will be relevant for 5 years.

Namely, an Internet marketer is a popular specialist who understands and knows how to accurately and efficiently promote a brand on the Internet, making a brand candy. Internet marketer – an artist who works with human ideas, promotes what seems impossible to promote. you should not confuse Internet marketers with SMM and SEO, SMM responsibilities and knowledge in SEO will be needed in some places, but the concept of marketing is something more than filling the content pages. Internet marketers should cooperate and have a designer and SEO specialist in their staff.

What should an Internet marketer be able to know?

1. Leadership qualities should be inherent in every Internet marketer, he should be an example to follow and resistant to all fluctuations from customers and other people

2. Adequate perception of criticism and respect for other specialists in the team. In such a delicate matter, you need to be able to listen to the opinions of others and come to decisions together.

3. Rapid reaction. Constant development.

The field of marketing is developing rapidly, so following the news and trends is not what you need, it is necessary.

4. Customer orientation. It is necessary to listen to the wishes and opinions of the client, but at the same time rely on the statistics of one’s own beliefs.

we discussed who an Internet marketer is and what he can do, now we will talk about the strategies that every professional Internet marketer should have:

1. First of all it is to follow trends and surprises. Definitely taste and the inspired eye should be present

2. To read the literature. Some experts consider that all know and are able, therefore your trump card will think differently, constantly to read the literature in the field of Internet marketing, especially foreign authors.

3. Attend seminars, new trainings and webinars. Develop yourself as a specialist.

4. Do not be afraid of difficult tasks. Do not be afraid – and take on projects that are difficult for you to implement.

5. Time management. If you have established yourself as a good specialist, you must have the time to do everything quickly and quickly.


How to post creative Instagram posts every day?

First of all, creative posts are a well-thought-out course of thought, a so-called business plan, a well-thought-out model of a project in the future.

Copywriters have a specific and well-thought-out task, considered steps before posting. It takes a lot of effort, but it’s worth it, believe me.

To begin with, you need to study the client’s industry, take into account all the wishes and make your own adjustments. usually modify it in the process.

Creative texts and posts on any social network are not easy, you need to remember that. So here you are the tips you will need in posting for every day:

1. Keep up with the times, follow the trends, because what you posted two days ago may not be relevant tomorrow, so it’s important. It’s important for the Instagram algorithm, because only the interesting and modern get into the top.

2. Collaborate with the best, with people who generate ideas. The team must go in the same direction with the client, not contradict his ideas and accurately present their own.

3. Edit the image well and always be guided by what is now in the top, what people like.

4. Make plans for posting every day, for this you will find a convenient application – Postmypost

5. Objective opinion..If ​​you think that the post is perfect and is not subject to refinement, it is better to ask your colleagues about the opinion and comments, and sometimes what is done will not seem perfect to you.

6. Publish various kinds of posts, with humor, cognitive, posts that call for action.

They are gaining success and recognition quite well and usually fall into the recommendations.

7. Communicate with your CA – I mean ask their thoughts for ideas for posting, share your ideas, ask what interesting and informative they would like to see in the blog.

8. Facts and statistics. You should always share with the audience certain pieces of work.

Creative posts are, first of all, creative ideas and their well-thought-out regular posting.


All about Instagram recommendations

Instagram recommendations are the preferences of users who magically appear in the feed and who match the preferences of certain users.

Also, the so-called “recommended” that you can see in your feed or, for example, if you want to get a “recommendation”, is determined by the success of your Instagram profile, the number of likes, interest and activity of your audience in the comments.

Of а great importance are an active blog and active communication between the blog owner or the people directly attached to the blog, activity. The vast majority of recommendations are business accounts where the profile is open and with which you can easily collaborate. Invisible profiles. Also, closed profiles are available only to users who have subscribed to this profile and it is not possible to see recommendations from it, because the posts are available to subscribers, not for all Instagram users. They are not available to the casual user.

The main advice that you can get in the Instagram recommendations is the frequency, uniqueness and creativity of photos. You probably came across beautiful pictures of girls models on Instagram, which appear first in the recommendations, and all because their posting is regular and beautiful picture likes the vast majority of people.

This is the algorithm of Instagram. To increase coverage and uniqueness, we recommend:

1. Carry out a monthly analysis, identify what is gaining more success and the reaction of our target audience.

2. From the information used to take everything useful and create the most interesting and effective for our users.

3. Encourage our CA with promotions, posts and gifts. It is the high activity and useful content that is included in the recommendations.

How do the recommendations work?

Have you ever wondered why he shows you the same product several times on Instagram?

This is how Instagram recommendations work.

Recommendations are not taken from anywhere, our every step and action in Instagram system records. Everything that the system can show you twice or even three times corresponds to your past queries, what you were interested in, drove in the search engine wanted to buy.


How do I quickly match keywords to articles?

Now let’s explain . A keyword is a word that has a semantic meaning in the text, it can and should serve as a key when searching for information on the Internet or on the site page. Keywords are involved in a certain algorithm of events.

What is meant? To choose high-quality and accurate keywords, you need to carefully study the brand that approached you and its competitors. words for the technical task of the copywriter.

There are clients who know what they want, namely their own semantics. In this case, we must provide the client with an analysis of what he has and make adjustments.

Because bad semantics is a disappointing and undesirable result for the client.

You ask, what words will we choose for the store “Your Season”?

And everything is simple. The vast majority of our customer’s goods are coats, so one of the keywords will be: “buy a coat“, then our potential customer will get to the site of a clothing store, and not to the page of freight.

Also one of the main rules of writing keywords is naturalness, it would seem that it is obvious to everyone, but in fact no, due to the presentation of keywords in an unnatural format, semantics turns into an accumulation of words. Such texts make no sense and seem difficult to the reader.

Keywords are high-quality and low quality. How do I understand this?

High-quality words are the words that are the first in the search engine system for example:

“Buy a coat” – high – quality

“Buy a striped coat” – low quality

Keep in mind, that search engines don’t like it when articles are oversaturated with keywords, such sites are mostly not indexed by Google. The frequency of words is checked by Advego Plagiatus.

The number of words depends on the volume of the text, you should always start from this.

Here are some ideas on how to quickly and efficiently choose words for our texts:

1. First we determine the volume of the text, then we distribute and write the TOR to the copywriter

2. A team of high-quality and productive copywriters, namely those who not only know how to write well, but also understand the seo specifics of the work.

3. Posting planning. Posting planning plays a big role and reduces your stress and misunderstandings with the client

4. Analyze seasonal fluctuations in demand, and other changes in the popularity of requests

5. Choice of language. Focus on the popularity of the query, on which it is better to submit a query. Or in both languages.

So write the texts accurately and choose the number of words that correspond to the volume and your customers will be satisfied and with a large bag of orders, and you in turn have a good reputation.


Is Phone Marketing Effective?

Probably each of us at least once in his life will face or have encountered telephone marketing. Simply put, telephone marketing is one of the fastest and most effective ways to significantly increase the company’s sales services. In this article we will look at the pros and cons of “telephone marketing” and whether it is really as effective as it is said.

The first thing I want to say is about the pros of cold calls, but remember the pros if the case is taken by professionals. immediately and the result.

And this is a pretty good indicator for business.

What do you need for successful telephone marketing?

Here are some rules:

1. Promptness in the calls of a large number of people. The manager who undertook this work must clearly understand how to properly advertise and motivate people to action.

2. Clearly thought-out description of the commercial offer to the client. It may resonate with the first point, here we are talking about a more detailed strategy

3. The content of the message must form the value of the purchase of this product or service

4.Development of a detailed plan in case of refusal of the client or unwillingness to speak

If we talk about the disadvantages of cold calling, it is primarily the mistakes of employers, hiring a person who is not ready to teach and work for the result, believe me it is very important.

5. Never offer your company as a supplier “as a last resort”. You need to convince the customer that your company is the best. Experience shows that no one ever seeks the help of suppliers left “as a last resort”.

6. Don’t give too much information over the phone. Remember your main goal. If you want to receive an order and you have been asked a question, you can not answer it. And if your goal is to make an appointment, it is better to use the situation to your advantage. Try to convince the client that his issue is resolved, and your representative will be able to explain it all in person.

7. Always be resolute and confident in your words, then the people you call will not doubt their truth and need

8. Working in telephone marketing, you can not miss a day. By skipping one day a week, you will be so far behind that it will not make sense to even try to make up for lost time. Never stop calling new people – this is the only way to acquire new customers.

Also, people in some cases overestimate “phone marketing”, mostly people buy at will, good recommendations or well-tuned advertising. In cold calls, the focus should be on all the items listed above, then you will definitely expect a good result.

Therefore, in any case, work for the result and start from your own belief why to give more preference.


12 commandments of a real seller

Yes, and sellers have commandments. But only true professionals follow them. Today we reveal the secrets of a successful seller!


The paradox of choice: Barry Schwartz about the traps of diversity

Have you ever heard of the paradox of choice? This term was coined by Barry Schwartz. By the way, he not only invented this term, but also wrote a book on this topic.

So, the essence of this paradox is that if a person is offered the only option for a service or product, he will have only one choice: to buy or not to buy.


How to sell a product or service using a poll

Did you know that selling a service or product using a poll is as easy as shelling pears? Now I’ll tell you how to do it.

So, for example, you offer a permanent make-up service. And you sincerely believe that the main problem that potential customers doubt is the high price of the service. You reduce it, but the improvements are minor or none at all. This means that you have not guessed the main pain of your client. And to do this, a poll is needed.


How to avoid declining sales in January: 5 tips

The end of December is the time “Let’s go after the holidays?” Office activity is dropping and work chats are dying down. Yes, orders and deliveries are at their peak. But soon the majority of your customers will end up shopping for the New Year, and then a recession is inevitable.


Customers are not born loyal. They are made like that by attentive and professional companies.

Do you know how to get a loyal customer? The most interesting thing is that it is not as difficult as it seems. It is enough just a little, but to surpass his expectations. How to do it?


Color marketing: how to choose brand colors and what do they affect?

Have you heard that the color of the product affects 60-80% of the decision to buy/not to buy? What does it mean? Choosing the right color for your logo or website will not only strengthen the shopper’s association with your brand, but also have a significant impact on sales.


10 ways to manipulate our opinion, which are used in the media and social networks

Even 30 years ago, the famous intellectual Noam Chomsky wrote about various psychological techniques used by the media to control people’s thoughts. Now that the Internet and social networks have appeared, these techniques are successfully used and their impact is not always positive.


5 steps from acquaintance to purchase. Sales technique.

Today we are getting acquainted with effective sales techniques, which will definitely be useful for promoting goods on social networks, because it works both in correspondence and in conversation.


Coronavirus has changed people’s behavior: what it means for brands

The proliferation of COVID-19 is changing people’s behavior and it is important for brands to understand how to stay relevant to consumers in an unstable world.

Coronavirus challenges brands. As consumers take protective measures, their concerns about their health and financial well-being, changing their behavior will continue to have a huge social and economic impact.


Building brand loyalty by using content marketing

Agree that attracting new customers in internet marketing is more expensive than retaining existing ones. Therefore, it is worth focusing not only on expanding the market, but also to work with current customers who can provide high sales at lower costs. What will make the customer come back, make a repeat purchase and recommend the brand to friends, acquaintances and colleagues?


Brand reputation and how to use it to your advantage. Chapter One “Reputation Assessment”.

Well-known investor and philanthropist Warren Buffett once said:

“It takes 20 years to build a reputation and 5 minutes to destroy it. You will treat things differently if you think about it. “

And in the age of the Internet, these words are so relevant.

Reputation on the Internet

Reputation Assessment

An online reputation is a well-established image of your company or brand online. In practice, there are several terms that denote the process of managing it:

Online Reputation Management (ORM);

Search Engine Reputation Management (SERM);

Social Media Reputation Management (SMRM).

ORM actually includes SERM and SMRM. Although this does not mean that these areas can not be considered individually. Next I will use the term ORM.

Three basic stages of ORM:

Reputation assessment;

Recovery (improvement of results);


Reputation Assessment

Reputation assessment

You need a reputation assessment to understand how the consumer perceives you. For example, a person needs a vacuum cleaner and he goes to the Internet, kills a query in Google and throws out a number of sites. And among these sites is yours, but whether a person will buy this product from you, depends on how much trust your site causes for her. At the reputation assessment stage, you should collect and analyze online content about your brand and top management. Based on the data obtained, prepare actions to restore the reputation and further system control.

Tasks can be in terms of assessing online reputation:

  1. Identify the strengths and weaknesses of the brand reputation (product, company, organization, person)
  2. Identify the main sources of spread and causes of negativity in relation to the object we are evaluating;
  3. Create a list of reputable sources for publishing new online content about your brand;
  4. Compare your brand’s online reputation with that of competitors.

To collect the following data and analyze them, here are a number of programs that will definitely help you in this: LOOQME, SemanticForce, YouScan.

What queries to navigate?

There are many of them, but the main one is this four:

  1. The company name;
  2. Product name;
  3. Top management;
  4. Advertising campaigns and events.

The system will collect online content for your keywords and organize it according to various parameters. Such data is your secret weapon, because it can be used not only to restore the company’s reputation, but also to make strategic decisions or to improve customer service.


So, this was an article on how to evaluate the reputation of your brand. But in exactly one week, we will publish an article on how to properly restore the company’s reputation. Set a reminder and see you in a week…


5 marketing tips for successful business promotion in 2020! Or how to choose the right marketer?

So, many marketers are now promoting their customers online. This is due to the fact that the consumer in one way or another went online. Here are some basic tips to make your online promotion high quality and effective. And maybe understand exactly how your marketer “clogs your tanks.”

No landings

Landing is a job page that accepts customers on your site. Landings are different, but in essence they carry one. To show a person what your company is doing, the product / service that the person came to, either from an advertisement or organically found you in search, landing is necessary for every business, like water for plants. If you refuse landings, the picture of your business will look like this:

Imagine the situation, you walk along a long beautiful street, around shops with shop windows and here, you notice the dream shoes that you have been looking for so long, you go to the store, and instead of shoes they sell kitchen faucets. Maybe you need them too, but you went for shoes. Therefore, landing is the basis of your online promotion.

Marketing tips

Misunderstanding the role of ROI in marketing.

If your marketer explains the targeted use of the budget by the number of likes, reposts, site visits or any other similar nonsense, it is unlikely that he understands what profitable marketing is. These data have almost nothing to do with profits! ROI is primarily measured by the number of conversions to real buyers. It doesn’t matter how many people liked the post, if none of them bought anything in the end. Content used in advertising companies, despite bringing useful information to the client, must also sell! Therefore, a professional always reports to the client on sales, conversions and the number of successful leads.

Does not communicate with sales or customers

Communication with your client is simply necessary for quality promotion on the Internet! What interests the consumer, why he is interested in it, where exactly he is interested in it and in between all this is interesting, should you be, why exactly are you interested in it? This is a key issue in the diligent work of a marketer. In all other cases, a fiasco awaits you!

Marketing tips

Lack of a corporate blog

Corporate blog. A place where the customer can relax from the constantly flashing in front of him selling information. A place where a person can find useful information about a purchased product or product / service that they are just about to buy. The content in the corporate blog should be high quality and informative, consistent with the status of your company. Also, the information in it should be regularly updated, at least 2 articles a week.

So the question is, do you have it at all? Ask your marketer how often it is updated. Several articles two years ago are a kind of excuse.

The modern world has changed. He became quick. And today it is not those people who have a lot of experience who will win, but those who are ready to change and quickly adapt to new conditions. That is why the people of your company must be modern, fast and creative, and no one has forgotten about mathematics! But first and foremost, they need to be flexible, have so-called (Soft Skills) that will move you and your company to new heights. In the negative case, your business, which was built for many years, will go underwater, to the bottom!


Sales channels and why are they for you? All this and more in the next article!

So imagine that you have a small bakery selling bread according to your grandmother’s recipe.

The bread is simply unsurpassed and every customer of your bakery is delighted with this pastry. And you, in turn, understand that he needs quality promotion and go to the marketer with a request to advertise the bakery. Do not need! No need to advertise the bakery. You need to promote the product itself, because people first of all buy bread, and only then it comes to the bakery that sells the same bread. Only then, marketing will be quality!

Sales channels

How to advertise?

To begin, you need to come up with an idea for your advertising campaign, which is embedded in the history of your products. What is close in spirit to your customers. What makes your bread special! The idea sells much better than you!

Channels that promote the idea!

The main channel of broadcasting the idea is you know which one? The main channel for broadcasting ideas is you! Passionately share your idea with everyone around you. Also, one of the most important channels of broadcasting the idea is your employees. But unfortunately, mostly employees do not broadcast the idea that is embedded in the history of your business. Because of this, the conversion is reduced by about 20%, which is a fairly high sacrifice. Try to drive the idea of ​​a brand into the minds of your employees every day! That they soak up this and sell like real pros.

Where to get a huge number of channels?

Well, look, offline is the number of your outlets, the more – the better. Banners, flyers, boards, signs and everything else that interacts with the audience through the living world. But when people started to prefer a smartphone over the environment, a lot of advertising that used to work, unfortunately, does not work today. Therefore, sales channels have moved to Instagram, Google (site), various marketplaces and more. That’s why advertising has started to work differently and your business just needs to have at least one channel to broadcast the idea online. Whether it’s an Instagram page, a website, a YouTube channel, it’s all perfect for attracting today’s customer!

Sales channels


So, the main thing was to convey to you that when building any business, you need to put in it an idea that will be transmitted to customers through various sales channels. Only then, in an over saturated market, will you be able to be competitive, only when your product will carry an idea that will promote you!


What is market segmentation or how to create a successful product?

So what is market segmentation? In other words – the target audience for a product.

Imagine you have a pastry shop and you sell cakes. Your target audience is children, mothers. In short, people with family values. And that’s when you decide to publicize, your target audience, you choose single diabetics. How much sales will you get? I don’t think the results will please you. But, even worse, when you are a single diabetic who understands little about family values. Therefore, confectionery is definitely not the best option for you. Switch your attention to a cafe or bar that suits you best in status.

Market segmentation

Or another situation.

For example, a furniture company decides to launch a new model of beds. Their target audience needs a bed, 1.8×2 meters, which is lined with inexpensive eco-leather, but with a good orthopedic mattress and oak legs, the frame can be made of chipboard. You, as a manufacturer, should understand this, but there are those who are starting to make a bed of their own interest. Imagine that we are now on such a board of directors. The head of the company puts forward the idea that it is necessary to launch a new double bed, and he sees its upholstery made of expensive, crocodile skin, well, because he just liked it, he even found something funny in it. Here, his deputy says that you need to make it 1.6×2 meters and add mahogany materials. You can also save on mattresses, but add good bedding to the kit as a “cool” marketing move! The title of this picture, “The circus is gone – the clowns stayed.” I bet people who do such things are unlikely to have even one successful project in their arsenal.

Market segmentation

Let’s end the paragraph with a short sentence that will explain its essence: imagine if ZARA started to occupy the niche of Louis Vuitton and would start doing much more luxurious or pontifical things, name them as you like, which are not worth their CA. I think it would be a very loud fuck up.

So, before you invest in a product, conduct a detailed market analysis, ask yourself what exactly the market needs today. If you are just starting out in business, the best analysis would be to ask yourself, what would I spend my last money on, what kind of product would it be? If you are a manager or marketer of a successful company and you were given your first project, analyze the client of your company, what are his values ​​and only then make a new product that satisfies the desires of your target audience!