What can motivate your customer to make a purchase?

Right! These are well-chosen triggers!

Literally translated – this word means trigger. In marketing, the trigger refers to the reason that motivates the customer to make purchases and other conversion actions. It affects a person’s emotions and pushes for profitable decisions for a businessman.

We have made a selection of 5 effective triggers that have shown high conversion results in practice! So, let’s go!

  • Hope. Remember that people need to believe that the product is good and the service is effective. Sell ​​the result, not the product.
  • The desire to save. Who does not like to save? And how nice it is to understand that you will have a discount or a particularly nice bonus. Take advantage of this!
  • Trust. Of course, you do not want to give your hard-earned money to anyone. That’s why consumers always analyze you. You have to be famous and definitely have a good reputation. Visit the red carpet, give interviews and take part in charity events for greater recognition in the market.
  • Dignity. Make the customer feel that he is the owner of your product. In promotional materials, describe the emotions and feelings he will feel while holding or using the product. Let him hold the product, that is, conduct a test drive, tasting.
  • Authority. Demonstrate to the client your professionalism, experience and authority, tell about your reputation in the market. Remember! People buy from those they respect and trust. Also, be sure to use these triggers on social media. If you can’t do it yourself, then contact the marketing center “DALI” and our specialists will help make customers want to make a purchase in your store!

How not to respond to customers in Direct?

Want to know what happens when you use marketing wisely to promote your business?

You wake up in the morning, pick up the phone and see a lot of questions about the product / service and high customer interest.

And it seems that the main task has been done, but the interest and assets are good, and a quality sale is the main thing! Rejoicing in advance, companies make global mistakes and, as a result, doomed to failure.

Let’s now analyze one situation on the example of a nail salon.

In most beauty salons, administrators are responsible for the consultation – these are the people who know the price, promotional services and current offers.

The Direct has repeatedly received questions: “What is the price of a manicure?” Answer: “450 UAH” – and it’s just a COMPLETE FAILURE. Although, apparently, “Our price is on the site” – takes first place in the anti-response.

Then ask yourself, “I really want to visit a place where everyone cares about you.” – Of course not.

Here are some tips on how to respond to customers:

  • Specify which manicure the client wants (with or without extensions, etc.)
  • Anticipate the wishes of the customer. Especially since it is not as difficult to do it on social networks as it seems at first glance. Go to the page, view the profile. Now you can roughly figure out what the girl’s taste is and what design she will choose. In addition, do not forget to emphasize your strengths, for example: “Our masters undergo a month-long internship before starting to work with people.”
  • Say the price. It’s great when there is a choice for the client. That is, he can choose an art master, master or top master depending on the budget.
  • Ask the obligatory questions: “Which design do you choose?” By following this structure, you will show the person that you are interested in their request and would like to help. So, sell more – with the same advertising budgets.

Now you know how not to respond to customers in Direct, and in order to have someone to answer – contact the marketing center “DALI”. After all, thanks to the quality work of our marketers, the number of order indicators is growing many times over.


How to competently conduct a live broadcast?

Today, live broadcasting is an integral part of any brand’s strategy. Even if you used to ignore the opportunity to communicate online with your own customers, now is the time to do so!

So, let’s understand how to properly prepare for the broadcast.

  • The topic of conversation. This is something that should be considered in the first place. Think about what you can interest the audience?
  • Announcement. This is important for more people to attend.
  • Collect current questions. The day before, ask subscribers to write questions that interest them through a special sticker in the stories.
  • Prepare a surprise. It can be a one-time promotion or a gift for the most active
  • Determine the timing. We do not recommend airing less than 30 and more than 60 minutes. It is during this period (optimally – 40-50 minutes) that your air will be covered to a new audience, which means that you have a chance not only to temporarily raise the asset, but also to increase the number of subscribers in general.
  • Right to speak. Allow everyone to express their opinion – it is important for people to be heard and respected.
  • Dynamics of the process. Be sure to write theses in the drafts so that you can speak clearly and non-stop later.
  • Save video. For people who have not been able to watch online, but will gladly do it later – it is very tolerant.

That’s all! Now you know the important rules and by following them, you will definitely become a master at communicating with a large number of people online.

In addition to competent live broadcasts, it is important to remember that quality page management plays an important role. The professionals in this field are undoubtedly the team of the marketing center “DALI”. If you want your brand to become more popular, contact us!


5 ways to increase Instagram reach

Everyone knows that you need to invest a lot of time and other resources to increase your account reach. That is why we have prepared for you the TOP 5 tips to help you make the page famous:

  • Experiment and always try something new. Be active and then people will follow you more.
  • Make contact with your audience. Make interactive stories, raffles, and promotions. Proper communication is our everything!
  • Encourage the creation of user content

According to Crowdtap, readers’ content with examples of their own experience is more than 55% positive and 40% better perceived.

  • Be on the tape every day. Publish stories and posts regularly. Properly configure your content plan and then everything will be much easier.
  • Don’t ignore the target. Remember, there are few efforts and in the situation with social networks without advertising is definitely not enough.

Work on the brand of every harvest and do not be afraid to realize your dreams!

😉 If you do not have the strength and time to do coverage on your own, then contact us and we will be happy and professional to help make your brand popular!


How can business support the Ukrainian army?

It took only a few days for the whole world to see what Ukraine is. We taught everyone a lesson on how to build relationships during a war.

Many underestimated the Ukrainian people, but let’s do a little analysis:

  • From the first day of the war on March 24, 22, the president became the voice of the Ukrainian people. He declared martial law and took a clear position. Of course, people were shocked, no one knew what to prepare for.
  • The following days of the war were adaptive. Everyone understood that Russia had one goal in mind: our extermination. Communities have been organized like never before. Everyone helps – women, children, retirees. Men without thoughts went to defend the state.
  • The authorities have become a great support and reassurance. It remains to be seen how Ukraine’s leadership is negotiating. Thanks to this, the whole world helps us! The optimism of the head of the Mykolayiv Regional Council Vitaliy Kim, representatives of the President’s Office – Oleksiy Arestovych and Mykhailo Podoliak gives people confidence and good sense.
  • The military leadership of the Security Service of Ukraine, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and the National Guard have built an unshakable and effective communication strategy.
  • From the first days, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has been regularly informing Ukrainians about the loss of the enemy and prisoners.
  • The students also staged an information war: they created whole campaigns aimed at informing the whole world about Ukrainian realities. In addition, young people help search for the missing, organize volunteer groups and provide shelter for refugees.
  • Businesses that are not in the hotspots of hostilities continue to work with the slogan: “Let’s raise the country’s economy together!”, Providing free assistance to people in need.

DALI Marketing Center also offers free services and business support.

During martial law and subject to cooperation from 1 month:

  • Instagram visual
  • Google ads settings
  • setting up social media pages and targeting
  • SEO analysis
  • expert consultations

We sincerely believe that all this will end soon, because we are a strong nation that knows the taste of independence and will never lose it.

The past will never defeat the future!


They are watching us!

By all means, the Ukrainian authorities are urging Ukrainians to limit, or better yet, remove all Russian applications from their own gadget. Remember, all your messages, audio and video recordings can be used against you – the enemy is watching!

As for e-mail accounts, we also recommend changing them to foreign or Ukrainian domains.

Applications such as Yandex, Kasperskiy,, VK, Rambler, Odnoklassniki and so on, perfectly help the aggressor in informative messages. If you think that you have a rather complicated password and no one finds out what ammunition was brought to your area, you are deeply mistaken.

The enemy can also send fake emails with a trap to your inbox – opening it will hit your phone with Russian hackers.

We call on all citizens:

Do not open suspicious emails or follow unverified links
Do not respond to strangers, even if the message is provocative
Do not fill out any officially unconfirmed forms.
And remember, lies will never defeat reason and truth.


How to be without communication and the Internet during the war?

It sounds strange, but today, this is a very important question. Previously, no one expected that he would be able to remain completely deprived of mobile communications. But now there are cities that now live in it. So, this information will be useful to everyone:

  • If you occasionally have an Internet source and access to a mobile battery – check only the most important news, which are posted only on official platforms and apply to your region.
  • Always carry an alarming suitcase, if you still neglect it, think: if one day you lose the Internet, light and start active hostilities – you can rely on a folded bag that contains important means of protection and living for several days .
  • If the siren sounds, go down to the nearest bomb shelter and stay with your family. Be attentive and follow the instructions of rescue services
  • Wherever you go, turn off all electricity, gas and water in the house. If possible, write notes to relatives and leave in a pre-arranged place.
  • Make a clear plan of action in case the situation worsens. You can write instructions and inform all family members about it.

In addition, let’s consider behavioral strategies in times of aggravation:

So, what factors influence the change of strategy:

  • Higher level of danger
  • Opportunity to leave work or switch to remote form
  • Low-mobile relatives who will be difficult to transport or even go down to the basement
  • An offer has been made to relocate
  • Presence or loss of transport
  • Acquaintances who can guarantee you housing

  • Strategies can be as follows:
  • Stay in the city of hostilities
  • Go to a safer place
  • Find shelter from friends and relatives
  • Go to a completely unfamiliar region where you have no loved ones
  • Think about your plan in detail, taking into account the characteristics of everyone who lives with you.

Issues to consider:

  • What things you need to have with you and if possible to leave as well
  • What to buy: medicines, products, care products
  • Meeting point
  • What kind of transport will you use or with whom?
  • How to keep in touch if the mobile network is not available (we have an article on this topic)
  • Who is the leader of the group and the rules of conduct in panic
  • Backup plan
  • Place B of residence

If you can’t leave and have to stay in hotspots temporarily, here’s what to do:

  • Make sure you have enough food and water
  • Think about where you will hide in the event of shelling if you are at home or at work at this time
  • Be prepared for the possible absence of gas and electricity (prepare warm clothes)
  • Find water sources in advance
  • Prepare for a sewer malfunction
  • Install a fire extinguisher in the house and check it for serviceability
  • Think about where you will move if you have to leave home

And remember – they will come for you, leave calm and cold mind, we will cope!


Information security rules

Nowadays, everyone needs to be extremely careful. And this applies not only to the security of the location, but also information. We have prepared some valuable tips for you to follow:

  • Do not believe the sources of enemy information
  • Do not look for people among the Russians who can “sympathize”. These are usually fake accounts that are created to hack Ukrainian pages or extract confidential information from us.
  • Do not believe the Russian channels, their script is written in the Kremlin.
  • Do not take to heart the tears, repentance of the Russians, memories of history and do not respond to the title of “brothers”, we are not brothers, because brothers do not shoot relatives.
  • Do not be manipulated by the Russians, any of their words or actions may be an ambush for you.
  • Do not believe the opposition of the enemy. They promise a lot, such as “green” corridors and what happens as a result? Russia knows nothing about the words “promise”, “agreement” or “humanity”

To make it easier, imagine that the information field is mined, safe only where there is official Ukrainian confirmation and no more, do not come into contact with enemy blocs.

We are together, we are strong, we will win!


How to prevent Internet fraud during the war in Ukraine?

The Center for Countering Disinformation recently reported confirmed cases of Internet fraud under the guise of volunteering.

So, let’s take a closer look at their features:

Unofficial sources of information, such as bank cards and unregistered mobile numbers, are listed
There are fake or no official sources of information. (Even if you see a link to the Red Cross – click on it and make sure it’s not a fake)
Too accurate requests for help, such as 7.62 Gray Wolf Night Vision Systems
Manipulation with tears, pity, etc. In fact, conscious people can really assess the situation, but those that cause emotions can probably deceive you.
The amounts of funds raised and the amount that is missing without official confirmation, ie – checks, crowdfunding platforms.
Incorrectly written text, which indicates that it can simply be translated into Google
We urge everyone who wants and can help – carefully check where you are sending money to be sure that you are helping those people who need it!

Help businesses with advertising for FREE
(During martial law and subject to cooperation from 1 month)

Instagram visual
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setting up social media pages and targeting
seo analysis
expert advice
Details on the website
By phone +380 68 510 61 55
Let’s raise the country’s economy together!
Everything will be Ukraine!


What to do when the mobile network is gone?

In fact, disconnecting a mobile phone is not as easy as it may seem, but the scenarios are different.

So, let’s look at this situation in more detail:

First, SMS should work even with a significant deterioration in the network, so if you can’t hear well – write

Secondly, there are special, protected programs that are actually designed for thematic events:

Bridgefy. Possible for both Android and iOS. However, iOS owners claim that the application may be unstable. IMPORTANTLY! You need the Internet to run this application, so be prepared in advance.

Briar. Available only for Android and has its advantages. For example, it allows you to add contacts when distributing special links at a distance.

Third, paper and pen to help. We are all used to communicating through messengers, but why don’t you experiment? Arrange in advance with the interlocutor where you will leave the letters. Write thoughts, news, describe the situation and do not lose heart. It’s all over soon!

Stay strong and positive! We will definitely win, because we are Ukrainians!


Selling by phone: tips that work

If you think that you just need to be able to speak clearly to sell over the phone, you are deeply mistaken.
In fact, there are 7 stages of preparation for mobile sales:

  1. Required information about the client: his preferences, taboos, financial status
  2. Prepare an introductory language or scripts that will make it easier to find a common language
  3. Less language in dialogue. Speak in essence, simple and accessible language
  4. If this is your first experience, make a rehearsal or a “test” call
  5. Work on the intonation and timbre of the voice, it should be pleasant and clear
  6. Be prepared to give up and stay in a positive mood under any circumstances
    After that, you can safely get to work, or if you still do not have confidence, let the first day with you a senior manager who will accompany and help.

We have also prepared for you some life hacks from personal experience that will help to make sales by phone perfectly:

  1. When talking on the phone – smile. Yes, the buyer does not see you in person, but with a smile, your voice changes and forms a positive connection.
  2. Ask questions so that it is difficult to answer “no”, build a friendly dialogue
  3. It is enough to use such phrases as: “You would not like; whether or not you can ”, such sentences contain the particle“ no ”and it would seem – a trifle, but on a psychological level you push the client to refuse
  4. Do not criticize competitors
  5. Expand your customer base and do not be afraid of failures.
  6. Listen carefully to the client and try to keep him in the right direction, without being distracted by other topics
  7. Do not be rude in response. Unfortunately, people are different and if you get a negative in your favor, be wiser – thank you for your attention and say goodbye
  8. Describe the benefits of the product, but do not praise it. When there are a lot of ideals, you get the impression that you are being deceived
  9. Analyze each call: where you are good, and where you need to work. Learn to work with objections and then you will definitely become a pro!

Collaboration with bloggers and influencers in sales

Do you have your own business – quality product and courteous staff, and no sales?

Then you definitely need advertising. This can be targeting or advertising to a blogger. Today’s thought leaders lead the people. So, let’s look at the pros and cons of working with influencers:


the level of trust increases significantly. Fans of popular people love and trust the words of the stars.
the number of subscribers is increasing. In order to switch to you, you need people, you need to advertise the right influencer.

  1. you waste a lot of time looking for the perfect partner, CA which will match the requests for your product and subscribers will be uncluttered 2. it is difficult to predict the outcome of this advertising, as it all depends on the chosen person

So, how to set up sales through influencers :

  1. Analyze: audience, place of residence, age, preferences, content – it’s all 1: 1 should match your CA
  2. Reader activity: first and foremost, it should be real people, not bots who are really interested in the content of the page
  3. Influencer account format. Adherence or not to certain principles and rules, the form of submission of material – it should impress you
  4. Experience in advertising. Follow a blogger for a while, review his ad for others, how good it is, and whether it works

We figured this out, so where to look for this ideal blogger for advertising?

  1. Independently. You probably already have a TOP list of people you like to follow. To expand this circle, go to the profile and click on the arrow next to the “Follow” button and it will give you a number of other people you need.
  2. In other companies. We all monitor competitors from time to time and rightly so. See what kind of advertising they use, how effective it is and draw conclusions.
  3. Using the service This is a convenient platform for finding popular Ukrainian bloggers. You can easily filter the list for your needs.

Experiment, don’t be afraid to ask and keep up with the world, then you will definitely be doomed to success!


What to do in business during the war?

Spring 2022. Ukraine is still at war. The main thing that we understood in fact immediately after the imposition of martial law is that Ukraine will win. This can be confirmed by how flexible we can be in difficult times, how much we can organize ourselves, solve urgent problems quickly. Let’s talk about how to be a business in a military situation:
Don’t try to solve all the problems you have. Try to decide the key – do what you will be effective.
Put your thoughts and actions in order.
Stop worrying about everything around you. Rest assured of our victory!
Keep in touch with family, friends, colleagues and clients.
Make quick decisions. Look for new opportunities with the help of: foreign partners, government procurement, relocation, joint ideas with employees.
Resuscitate the Ukrainian economy. To do this, you need to remember three steps:
Resumption of business activity, anti-crisis measures
Assistance in restarting the business
Economic recovery, including liberated areas
Modernizing the Economy (or the Marshall Plan 2)

Let’s look at the state of the business at the moment. Over the past 10 days, 47% of companies remained shut down, 26% – reduced production. 14% -increased production.
Employee statistics:
21% were fired
38% – on vacation
38% – on a reduced salary
Regarding business relocation, about 60% of enterprises find opportunities to restart business in a quieter area in Ukraine.
Here are the strategic decisions that the business is already implementing:
27% – activity freezing
10% – public procurement
54.5% – adjusted to current needs
22.5% merged with other companies
32.9% – search for other export opportunities
37.1% – launch of new products
Dali Marketing Center continues its work and helps to raise the country’s economy. At the initiative of Gontar Ivan, we created socially-oriented billboards and city lights. Thanks to patriotic shields, the national consciousness of Ukrainians is rising. And of course, this is our way of thanking everyone who risks their lives, sacrifices their health for the defense of the country.


How should business exist during the war in Ukraine?

Both in life and in business you do not need to live in illusions, but learn to accept reality. And now the whole world, except for some representatives of the aggressor country and its satellite countries, calls the events in Ukraine a war. This is our reality today. The enemy, in addition to destroying our military infrastructure, has another goal – to destroy our economy.

Therefore, business must now be mobilized as much as possible to help our army and state. We have collected practical tips for small and medium-sized businesses that will be useful for everyone:

  • Take care of the safety of your loved ones and employees. Transfer everyone you can to telecommuting. Those who work in the workplace do not ignore air alarms. Everyone should know where the nearest bomb shelter is.
  • If possible, pay taxes and utilities, because the funds will go to the state budget for the army and social benefits.
  • Arrange with suppliers to defer unpaid bills or schedule payments. Do the same with your customers.
  • Check your sites: find out on the hosting of which country your site is located (if your provider is Russian, you need to immediately replace it with Ukrainian or European, so as not to sponsor the army of the occupiers and have no technical problems)
  • Optimize your Google ads and Google shopping costs: View your target audience, ad geography, ad text
  • Keep Facebook and Instagram social media pages in a more informative style without entertaining content. Minimize targeting and set up site or ad advertising.
  • Introduce free services in areas where it is possible to help businesses resume work and to get your employees involved and improve their skills.
  • Look for new opportunities to enter foreign markets and find customers there for your brand. Now everyone in the world is trying to help Ukraine not only with humanitarian aid, but also with business. New sites are created every day: or telegram channels, where you can find business partners, permanent or additional work
    And, most importantly, believe and support our army, which daily brings Ukraine closer to victory and peaceful life, and, consequently, the development of your business.

Important! Interception of information in messengers

Recently, Telegram began offering users the possibility of secret correspondence.
Sounds tempting, but stop! In fact, this type of communication is not secure, as it does not have encryption.
Your important information may be on several levels. Let’s take a look at them:

  1. Public groups. In such communities, there are many people who do not know each other, where someone can find out your personal life, regardless of the platform.In such a situation, there is no need to panic in vain, just follow a number of rules:
  • spread ONLY the truth: the location of medical care or the presence of Russian troops in a particular territory. If the enemy receives this information, it will not give him anything.
  • do not tell anyone about the training of our troops, the location of checkpoints, the situation in a particular area, especially with an indication of the exact address. Such behavior could cost the lives of our defenders. This is unconscious help to the enemy – remember this.

Interestingly, unlike others, Telegram is famous for its ability to bring many people together. But it’s not because the platform is SAFE AND SECURE, rather it just helps spread the word to larger groups.

2. Imagine that in your group there are a small number of people who know each other. At first glance, everything looks pretty confidential and correct. But we want to warn you – even under such conditions, information leakage can still occur. This is due to the lack of encryption or server arrest.
Especially for you – several proven servers.

  • Signal. This platform works with servers outside of Russia, so it can guarantee security.
  • Whatsapp. This American company, like the previous one, uses servers outside the Russian Federation. And most importantly, it can report to the state, but by no means read the messages.

If the information from the above programs was found out by the “third person”, then the leak occurred directly through one of the chat participants.

Well, let’s look at the well-known Telegram. Most of the news is now read by thousands, if not millions of people in this particular Russian messenger. He reports to the state without special permission and undoubtedly reads the content that the Ukrainians distribute. Do you understand what a global problem this can develop?
Please remember the above rules and do not distribute information that can be used against you.


Why you should spend time on infographics?

In the 21st century, things like infographics are one of the most powerful tools for marketers. Why? Because it serves as a way to quickly and accurately transfer data using graphics tools. Informative graphics help to organize a huge amount of statistics, showing the relationship of facts or objects and phenomena in space and time, in particular to show trends.
Thanks to such pictures, you can spread a variety of ideas on the Internet, attracting even more subscribers. This is due to the positive perception of information through images. For example:
The website, which will be full of bright infographics, increases the number of views by more than 90%.
Thanks to visual cues, the brain analyzes information better and because of this the text seems simpler and more attractive. Now it is clear to everyone why there are so many pictures in children’s development manuals.
A person sees any graphic faster than text. This is because information is made up of everyday objects and images, so it is easy to perceive and remember well.
Visual content on networks is distributed more often than textual content. The eyes like to look at something beautiful more than at a set of letters that still need to be thought about for a long time.

Today, such a lifehack as infographics is actively used by almost all areas of activity. Information for visualization can be presented under a “different sauce” of cartoons, drawings, diagrams, emblems, illustrations, diagrams. Thus, any image is suitable if it fulfills certain goals. Most often, infographics act as a supplement to the text, which contains the main array of information transmitted.
The serving style may be different. It all depends on what mood the company wants to convey to its customers. Performing the main task, namely informing, the call to analyze, infographics has its own rules of construction, because of this, not all images can be called infographics.
Infographics should include graphic objects that will be closely linked to the information provided. Focus on the fact that the publication should be not only useful, but also bright. Here are some tips from progressive designers of the marketing center “Dali”
Attractive appearance and simple presentation of the text
Unique and bright design
Accounting for the target audience.
The use of colors with a psychological approach: influencing one or another color on people’s emotions
Use of high-quality diagrams, “conversational” numbers and interesting facts.
Simplification and visualization.
Determining the scale of infographics and analysis of the method of distribution.
Using timelines, creating history.
Demonstration of authority and reliability of sources.
Accounting for the wishes and requirements of the customer.
Conceptuality and the presence of the ultimate goal


How to promote your brand in Pinterest?

In today’s world, Pinterest is one of the most important services on the Internet.
This website allows its users to view photos on specific topics online and share them with their friends on social media.
Pinterest – provides an opportunity to bring together a huge number of people to share ideas and find inspiration. Today Pinterest is one of the most famous international services. The number of users of this site is constantly growing.
Foams are so-called buttons – images that you enjoy on Pinterest, but Boards are molded foams in one collection.
Less than 25% of all pins posted on Pinteres are photos of people. And one of the most famous profiles has more than 13.8 million readers!
Let’s look at the factors that influence such popularity and international success of Pinterest? Experts have identified the most important principles:
The general look of the site, which is achieved through a bright visualization. Here it is convenient to view photo collections. There is almost no text content, so the visitor concentrates on a specific type of media and his attention is not distracted.
A beautiful image is more likely to attract the user’s attention than a pile of text.
Ability to collect something on the World Wide Web. It is much more comfortable and faster to do it on the Internet than in real life.

Development forecasts
Many experts claim that Pinterest plays a significant role in promoting online business, creating a so-called harmony between fashion tracking and shopping itself. Active Pinterest readers spend a lot of money on clothes and shoes, compared to Facebook readers.
This indicates a high advertising potential. It is speculated that in the near future, well-known brands will prefer the Pinterest network and use it as a site to promote products. Experienced consumers will use this site to select and purchase different product groups. It is likely that Pinterest will prepare a unique product in the future that will allow online commerce.
Pinterest is used all over the world
The Pinterest social network has become a powerful tool for advertising, sales or purchases. It is used by well-known brands and brands from around the world to promote their product. Among them are online clothing stores, travel agencies, publishing houses.
Various promotions and offers are used on the principle of “publish (unlock) a picture to unlock (win) something”. For example, the closed sales site Gilt offered for 50 repin images to get a link to a page where you could buy a dress at a huge discount. And the Lands’End clothing store was raffling off certificates among Pinterest users. To do this, you had to create a collection of photos of things you liked in the new season.
The social network Pinterest has increased the number of Internet users’ visits to the sites of many popular women’s fashion magazines, such as Marie Claire, People, Us Weekly and others. Facebook can’t boast of so many conversions.

The main rule of Pinterest is to promote the right way of life, changing people’s opinions in a positive way, and not just publish nice photos.
To gain worldwide fame, you need to know and follow the key rules of the social network:
When posting on the foam board, you can add photos of other users, but do not forget that they were no more than 50% of the total. Don’t fool people and don’t pretend to be someone else’s work: add a real link to the user’s page to each borrowed picture.
Use holiday boards and foams.
Don’t forget to sign the photo competently and interestingly, the text should be short and meaningful – this will allow readers to pick up your mood and spread the pin.
Be careful not to be bothered by others, be careful with the number of posts per day.
Rate the foams you like!
Never upload prohibited photos. Most likely, your page will simply be blocked. It is best to teach what will bring people joy.
Never force people to be your subscribers. Do it casually, and even better – learn to be interested, then there will be a lot of likes and shares.


How to deal with advertising and spam in VIBER?

Viber is an application for calls, correspondence and communication. The program, according to its creators, is safe and can be installed by anyone. Here you can communicate tete-a-tete, and if desired, actually create a group with friends, acquaintances or colleagues. However, the developers have left a few holes in it, which do not protect us from annoying advertising or spam.

So, let’s understand how to get rid of spam in Viber?

When you transfer an annoying number from the phone to the black list, the caller can no longer call or write to you. So, if you do not want to receive any advertising, just send unfamiliar numbers to the ban. But how to do it?

We have prepared several options for you to restrict spam access:

  1. If you have a new chat in the program, then with it pops up on the screen and two buttons: “Block” and “Add” As an option, you can take a screenshot of the message and write to technical support.
  2. When your friend has been persistently sending spam, you need to go to the contact menu and click on the three dots in the upper right corner. There is a “Lock” button.
  3. You can still ban the number manually. To do this, go to settings> settings> privacy> blocked list. Click on the plus at the top and enter the number manually or select from the contact list. What if a contact you don’t like is in the same chat or group? There is a way out! It is also easy to fix. You need to go to a certain group, move the screen window to the left. A list of all group members appears. Choose the right nickname and send it to the “ban”. In addition, you can always send a violation report to support. To do this, in the upper right corner, click on the three menu items, select the “complain” section, then again on the message and “complaint”. He will not know that a specific subscriber is blocked. And when sending subsequent messages, he will not understand this either, because his messages will come from him, but you will neither receive nor see them. You will also not be able to write or call the person on your blacklist. A blocked contact will continue to be able to view your profile and status. An obsessive friend will save the entire history of messages and calls. Interesting! But if the user you have blocked adds your number to the group chat, you will see it. However, you already know how to deal with it!

What to do if there is no inspiration and ideas for content on social networks?

You have lost your imagination and you can not come up with topics for your blogs – this is the tragedy of every SMM-specialist. You have already described all possible life hacks for blogging, implemented the planned competitions, chose the winner and summed up the results, revealed the real secrets of running a successful business! And one day they realized that after congratulating everyone on the day of the doctor and the professional holiday of teachers, you do not know what to fast next.

However, this is not a problem! We have prepared some effective tips for you, thanks to which you can always really get bright topics and ideas for your future posts and publications on the page. So let’s go!

  • You need to enrich your horizons from the beginning. Among the mandatory – visit other sites or Internet resources, follow the news and information events, respond to current news and innovations, comment on them: where possible – joke, and if you are in the topic, it will not do without useful advice or advice , share interesting materials. You can find the right events or cool publications by going to the trends section on different sites. Current news and events are often discussed on Twitter in the Trends tabs.
  • Don’t forget about Google trends. They will help to assess and understand what Internet users are talking about today. Every SMM member needs to know this. To attract readers, you need to navigate all the high-profile events or topics. In addition, among the large amount of information you can still find the right and appropriate for your brand. Therefore, the topics of posts can be found everywhere – you need to be able to search and look between the lines.
  • As for foreign resources, do not miss opportunities and use them with all your might. Choose popular blogs from foreign colleagues and the community that match your topics, and follow them daily. Do not forget, of course, to adapt materials for Ukrainian-speaking audiences, but do not just translate publications, but process them into posts, new materials based on what is read or introduced. To find topics, as an option, you can look and try to use Pinterest. This is a resource that includes various covers and photos that you might not see or find in other search engines. Enter the topics that interest you, go to the link to the desired image. Don’t forget to monitor your competitors! In this case, you will know what topics are of interest to readers and what is popular among people today. Search, and only then will you have new ideas, topics, and materials that subscribers will enjoy reading.

How to increase sales through the satisfaction of people needs?

People by nature primarily seek to meet the most important needs. As soon as they manage to satisfy a certain important need, they immediately ceases to be a driving motive for them. In parallel, there is an incentive to satisfy your next desire.
Every product that is interesting to the buyer is of great importance in terms of its function. For example, cosmetics – an opportunity to emphasize your own beauty. But how to stay in the top when the competition in the market is high enough?

Here are some criteria that will emphasize the benefits of your product:

  1. Physical (shape, strength and technical parameters play almost the most important role in human desire, as most want to meet their needs with comfort and quality)
  2. Aesthetic (brand, packaging – for each consumer plays the role of style of purchase)
  3. Symbolic (status and prestige are also equally important factors to meet customer needs)

In addition to goods, the means of meeting demand is service. It usually does not carry material values, on the contrary. Services are considered to be polite to customers. As an option to offer after-sales service. So the person will understand that YOU will help to satisfy his needs to the full.

The company must monitor and improve the level of customer satisfaction. The higher it is, the greater and more stable the demand for its products. Here are the facts that support this position:

  • The cost of attracting new customers is 5-10 times higher than the cost of satisfying and retaining existing customers.
  • The average company loses ten to twenty percent of its customers a year.