LED signs are effective and round-the-clock advertising of your company

Do you want your logo or sign to be visible at any time of the day and in any weather? Do you care about modern outdoor advertising that will make your brand stand out? Take a look at our LED signs! They are characterized by trouble-free operation, low-energy consumption and high lighting power. If desired, our team will install light advertising!


Car branding. Stick it once – advertise every day!

A well-prepared car ad really does the job! Every car trip – whether on the way to a client or on other corporate business – further advertises your products or services.


Branded cups are an excellent means of brand promotion

Branded cups are an excellent means of brand promotion. They are also very practical. In addition, they will show themselves during company fairs. Such a gift will contribute to a positive perception of the brand by potential clients. Printing on a cup will be an excellent advertising medium that will subconsciously reach a large group of addressees.

Cups are reliable promotional gifts

The offers of advertising agencies and printers are full of various solutions that will best fit into the expected model of the marketing strategy. These are, for example, banners, large-format prints, stickers or various gadgets. Among the popular, and at the same time, distinguished by a low price, advertising ceramics stand out. A cup with an inscription is the most common corporate gift.

Promotional cups continue to enjoy unchanging popularity and are one of the main, most popular items of advertising. It is an extremely practical gadget that has a large printing area and a purpose. Cups with the company’s logo are an integral element of many advertising strategies, and even your own photo has become a very popular, individual gift.

Who most often chooses cups with a custom print?

Mugs with a print are such a versatile gadget that you can easily use them during marketing events not only in the case of enterprises, but also in various kinds of institutions and organizations. In addition to corporate use, they also focus on:

  • local governments,
  • firms,
  • cultural institutions,
  • schools

The offer of the printing house is addressed both to companies that wish to order a larger number of advertising circles, and to individual customers who are also looking for this type of product. These reliable everyday items are ideal as a promotional gift, subtly increasing brand awareness and reaching the customer through everyday use.

By choosing a cup with a logo, the customer receives:

  • choice from many forms with different capacity,
  • wide range of colors,
  • high-quality sublimation printing,
  • competitive prices.

How is the process of ordering a cup with an inscription?

The customer provides their logo or content design of the ordered ceramics. If necessary, you can also use the services of graphic design in the “DALI” marketing center, which will be performed by experienced employees, in accordance with the instructions. The print is applied to the cup using a special method designed for unusual surfaces. It is distinguished by high resistance to washing, abrasion and fading, which ensures comfort of use for a long time. Implementation takes place in the shortest possible time, and ready-made cups with inscriptions are delivered directly to the client.

A cup with your own print is a gift for any holiday

A personalized cup with your print is a very versatile gift. Thanks to this, it is ideal for any occasion and for everyone. It is a practical product that will certainly be used repeatedly for brewing coffee or tea by the recipient.

Any graphics and text can be applied to porcelain mugs. This solution allows the client to create gadgets with inscriptions according to his design. Therefore, a cup with your print can contain any content, starting from photos, through children’s drawings, graphics found on the web, and ending with the lyrics of your favorite song, a quote, or a logo.

Cups with the company logo are an original gadget

A porcelain cup with a print is an interesting, elegant and at the same time inexpensive advertising gadget. Its favorable production price does not in any way impair the aesthetics of the product. Promotional cups are an original and, above all, very practical means of promotion. They can be successfully used, for example, to serve coffee to counterparties during corporate meetings. Furthermore, they will be great as a gadget from the company during promotions and advertising fairs.

A cup as a gift will accompany the client during his daily morning tea or coffee, reminding him of a specific company. Printed mugs are advertising that is worth the investment. Thanks to them, the company’s positive image is being strengthened every day, which may result in further cooperation in the future.


Printing and production of calendars: wall, flip, table, and pocket

Calendars are a great advertising tool. They are usually clearly visible in offices and corporate premises. Thanks to this, they are used for everyday planning.


Printing labels and stickers – what are their advantages?

Stickers and labels are images applied to adhesive paper. As promotional materials, stickers, and labels are widely used in many industries, including food, cosmetics, information, and industrial. They are used for marking goods and placing the necessary information on them, as well as for promotion and presentation of the brand. Their advantage is that they are easily applied to the surface and perform their function for a long time.


What should be a business card to attract customers?

Although we, entrepreneurs, talk more and more about image, we still often receive a “card” with a million pieces of information instead of a business card. A good business card is a great way to create a positive image. And very typically during the first contact. Business cards can be representative and for daily distribution.

Today we will convince you of the power of business cards, possibilities, mistakes, and content.


Is billboard profitable for you?

Billboards are traditional, popular and, most importantly, one of the most effective types of outdoor advertising. Their effectiveness lies in the correct location, constant display and attractive message. Large, well-lit banners on buildings or specialized structures in high-traffic areas are a proven recipe for your success.