Car branding. Stick it once – advertise every day!

A well-prepared car ad really does the job! Every car trip – whether on the way to a client or on other corporate business – further advertises your products or services.

Why should you brand a company vehicle?

 Branding can be applied qualitatively once, and advertising will work and reach customers every day. Unlike other forms of outdoor advertising, you don’t need to pay extra for media, worry about good exposure or campaign expiration. Branding services are not worth much!

How to entrust us with the branding of your car?

1. Contact us!

If you want to reinforce your advertising message with an interestingly branded car, use the form on our website, call us at +38 068 510 61 55 or e-mail us. We will answer every request.

2. Tell us what you need

At the beginning, we will ask you to tell us about your expectations and needs. What industry do you work in? Which car do you want to wrap? What effect do you plan to achieve – whether to brand the car prestigious with the company logo, or to boost sales with interesting and noticeable advertising? This is important information that will contribute to our further cooperation.

3. Project preparation

Next, we will take a picture of your car and measure it. For what? To choose the right ad format.

4. Assessment

We will send you a quote. And only after that, we can start together with the most pleasant – creative design!

How will we work on your project?

Say what is important to you. Is it information about the company, products, or primarily attracting attention and surprising the recipients? When working on the project, we will be guided by your recommendations.

You don’t buy a cat in a bag. You do not risk that the resulting design will look attractive on the computer screen, but in fact it will turn out so-so.

You will receive a visualization of the project on your car— that’s why we take photos. You can immediately see how the announcement will look in reality. This makes it easier to make corrections and produce a satisfactory project together. You will receive a visualization for coordination at each stage of the design.

You are working with professionals! We will advise and advise, but the last word is always yours. After agreeing on the details of the project, we proceed to implementation.

Projects for our clients

What does car branding look like?

At the beginning, we prepare all the necessary materials and prints on special foil. You choose a convenient date and place for implementation. We can easily come to you and do the branding on the spot. We understand that company cars are working. We won’t take much time. Usually, branding a passenger car takes a maximum of 4 hours. What’s next? That’s it – you can sit down, drive and advertise your company!

What about the foil warranty?

The material from which foil for car branding is made is strong and stable.If there is no mechanical damage, it will perform fantastically for a long time without losing quality. The basic warranty period is 6 months. If you have comments, contact us – we will definitely take them into account!

The truck is no problem!

We do not limit ourselves to assembling a fleet of passenger and delivery vehicles. If you have larger or unusual needs, we will do it! We can also brand trucks without any problems. Big space means big opportunities. Imagine the trucks in your fleet additionally transformed into cool billboards!

Branding a large number of cars, such as an entire fleet, also has additional benefits. You get the same graphic identification on all cars. Clients see that you act professionally and consistently.

There is also a second advantage. Preparing several similar projects reduces costs.

Why should you order car branding from us?

  • We will create advertising that will actually sell.You should not brand a company car with a standard design that will get lost among other cars. We have many years of experience in this field. Together we will develop a project that will distinguish your company and attract the eyes of drivers and passers-by.
  • A good, noticeable design is not enough. Execution matters!Our specialists have many years of experience and are constantly improving their qualifications. Thanks to this, they will select quality equipment and materials to ensure the best effect.
  • We only work with the best design software.
  • We know very well the current trends in graphic design. We are constantly learning and improving our skills. We know which logo will work best for your business!
  • We remember the technical nuances that others forget.Maybe after some time you want to change the ad about the car or sell it. The impression made in our company can be safely removed without the risk that unattractive traces of old advertising will remain on the car.
  • Advertising message should be updated!If necessary, we will prepare a new project together taking into account your current needs!

Branding a company car or the company’s entire vehicle fleet is a cheap and effective way of promotion. You pay once, and the ads work for you for many months at no additional cost! Order a car wrapping service from us and watch your profits grow!