12 commandments of a real seller

Yes, and sellers have commandments. But only true professionals follow them. Today we reveal the secrets of a successful seller!

1. Sell yourself first. The product will be sold automatically.

Be not only a professional, but also an interesting person. Be able to support the conversation about politics and economics, share your expertise, do not be stingy.

2. Always be where your customer is.

If a customer finds out about the existence of your product not in your office, but in a supermarket, exhibition, on a bench in front of the entrance, then what are you doing on the computer?! You’re working location – supermarket, exhibition, shop.

3. Get rid of all those who are not interested in selling.

Everyone in your company should sell, even the cleaning lady.

4. Find those with whom you have the same goal.

Partnership is the oldest and most effective form of human interaction. The trick is to find a strong partner, and the parasite, on the contrary, get rid of. Then the result will double.

5. Never, under any circumstances, say the word “no” to the client.

Every normal customer wants to feel important. You can’t satisfy a customer’s request right now – be sure to find a suitable alternative.

6. Get a clear answer from the client.

The answer must be clear. There should be no “I don’t know”, “maybe”, “I will think”. Only “yes” or “no”!

7. Think in the category not “if” but “when”. It is important.

“If you suddenly need our toilet lights, be sure to contact us” is definitely not true. Not “if”, but “when”. This word emphasizes the lack of variability. And to show that “without it in any way”, and there is your task as the seller.

8. Love your client more than yourself.

Customer orientation is very important. It is in pure sincere emotions towards people. This is when the client is treated as his own child – not for money, but out of a feeling of sincere love and care.

9. Do not make mistakes – the unexposed bill cannot be paid.

Sometimes sales are not high enough because of our inability to deal with objections, but because the market is full of customers we haven’t even called.

11. A sense of proportion is a great feeling.

Do not kill current customers with frequent contacts. Do not put pressure on potential ones. Otherwise – yes, you will finish one of 100, but the other 99 will shy away from you for a long time.

12. Don’t be like Baba Zina.

In any case, there will be someone who is cheaper. Credit, insurance, leasing, well, or whatever you have. You don’t need to sell cheap talent. Demonstrate skill, it is more expensive than money.

Don’t be like Baba Zina. Be like Lightning McQueen – flutter like a butterfly, alas, like a bee!